Written by Peter and Tina

30 Nov 2003

I never imagined it would come to anything when I first placed an advert on this site, suggesting that I was looking for a woman who wanted to have fun. I wasn’t concerned whether she was married or not but only that she was willing to experiment. How wrong can you be!! The following is a true story.

I was contacted by her husband, he wanted her to enjoy herself and meet another man although she was less sure. After a couple of false starts, when she got cold feet we eventually met for a drink and from there to a room.

The second was also a room and then the third involved her visiting my house while my wife was away. She was to stay the whole night. Her husband was happy with this. Lets call her Tina but that’s not her real name. Can’t say where or any further details about her as I don’t want anyone to guess who she is!

It was a wet night and I was to meet her at 7ish close to where I live and then she would follow me in the car. She arrived a bit late given the weather. She followed me to my house and we went indoors, me hoping none of the neighbours would notice.

Sitting down on the sofa she looked stunning. Size 8/10, blonde hair, very slim and small breasts which matched her fragile frame. I opened a bottle of champagne and we sat and drank. The music was on and our eyes met once or twice. After a little while she put her glass down, then slipped of the sofa onto her knees. From there she proceeded to unzip my trousers and pull out my manhood, then she slipped it into her mouth. The feeling was wonderful. She is so good at sucking. She does it just right although she never does it as long as I would like! When she rose and sat back down I was ready for more. We kissed and my hands wandered over her body and down to her trousers, slipping my hand between her legs.

I suggested we go up stairs to my study since we had something to do there. I turned on the pc and the webcam and then went down to get another bottle of champagne. On returning she was sitting waiting for me, very keen looking. I hooked up and saw who I was looking for online and said hi. The reply hi came back. I asked if he could see us and he could. I asked what he wanted us to do and he said for her to undress for him to watch. I began to undress her, taking her top off and then her trousers. He wants me to suck you in front of the cam Tina said. Go ahead then……..so she knelt down and after pulling my trousers down, began to suck. It was strange being watched but she was really enjoying herself. Then I asked Tina what we should do next. Fuck me was her reply.

I pulled my clothes of and completely undressed her then had her sit on my lap facing the camera so she was on full display. After a little while squeezing her breasts I had her bend over the seat for me. I tried to position the camera so that he could see me slip inside her. It felt good.…being watched while I took her. We stayed in that position for a long time. He sent a message saying he wanted to see her face, her body so I repositioned the camera so that he could see her body moving back and forward as I pounded into her.

The position was getting a little sore for her, bent over the seat, her legs were getting a little stiff so I suggested we retire to the bedroom. She said goodnight to her husband and hoped he had enjoyed watching us.

In the bedroom things only just began…….I had her suck me again and then fucked her in various positions while she called her husband on her mobile and told him exactly what was happening to her. Afterwards we cuddled up and went to sleep.

On waking, I immediately felt hard and as she was lying beside me facing away it seemed only nature to slip myself between her legs. She was still wet from the night before so it went in very easily. I took her in that position, banging hard into her until she moaned with pleasure, then I moved her around so I was on top of her and had her legs held up high, telling her she was such a slut. Then I roughly rolled her over onto her hands and knees and pushed inside hard and deep. When I heard her say oooohhh yess, that’s fucking good, I couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded deep inside her!

When we finished she had to rush to get ready since she was a little late. We kissed and agreed to meet again which happened last week. That time I got to ride her bare-back, perhaps if her husband wants me to then I will send you all a story about what that involved!!