Written by Alaina

9 May 2005

In A Perfect Sunday, posted Tuesday 26th April, I have already recounted my first meeting with the blonde bob cut apparition named Vic who subsequently morphed into Vicky the sweet schoolgirl whose main object in life was to fasten ‘her’ silky smooth tight hole around an iron hard cock and expertly ride it.

As a follow-up I had arranged to visit Vicky late on the Sunday prior to the May Bank Holiday. I turned up around 8 pm, complete with a bottle of wine and the requisite bunch of flowers; after all I was visiting my new girlfriend, albeit one with a delectable 8” cock.

Vicky opened the door and bade me enter. My cock stiffened as my eyes alighted on Vicky. She was stood there in her red 4” stiletto heel shoes, her legs clad in white silk stockings that were held up by a lacy suspender belt that was perfectly matched by her teasingly almost see-through white lace panties. Her panties were barely covered by her red pleated micro-mini skirt above which she wore a red see through blouse which adorned her body in the manner that apparently she always wears a blouse, unbuttoned but tied in a loose knot. Underneath her blouse she was wearing a brilliant white lace see through bra that clearly exposed her petite breasts and her beautiful long slender nipples that were already standing to attention and protruding though the lace of her bra.

She wore a single pearl pendant necklace around her neck.

She wore a delicate red lipstick, a touch of blue eye shadow and her natural blonde hair finished off the perfect picture.

She smiled and twirled, “Well, will I do?”

“Not bad for a start” I said in a teasing voice.

Vicky looked crestfallen. “Don’t you think I look nice?” she said and I detected a slight moistening of her eyes. Placing the wine and flowers on the nearby table I took her in my arms, the smell of her perfume was intoxicating and my cock was straining to be released to feast on the smooth hole that my previous experience told me lay hidden in those white panties, “You silly little girl, you look absolutely drop dead gorgeous” I reassured her, and kissed her. Her sweet tongue immediately darted in and out of my hungry mouth.

My hands dropped to the cheeks of her firm backside and, while kissing her I pulled her tight to me. I could feel that her cock, like mine, was already at its 8” maximum. She could obviously feel I was horny as she broke off our kiss and caressed my ear, slipping her tongue around it and whispering in her delightful schoolgirl voice “God is it only a week since you made love to me? It feels like a lifetime, take me, use me, love me, I am yours for whatever you want”.

Positioning her so that her back was to the wall I tugged at the knot of her blouse, causing her blouse to fall open. She shrugged first one shoulder then the other and her blouse fell to the floor.

Her long slender nipples protruded through the lace of her bra. I took them in turn, teasing them with my teeth, tongue and lips, gently biting and sucking them while squeezing her petite firm breasts. Vicky loves this aspect of love making, she was squirming and rubbing her legs together all the while that her nipples were being attended to.

I went down on my knees and proceeded to lift her skirt. “Here” she said unhooking her skirt at the back and allowing it to join her blouse on the floor around her feet.

She stood there resplendent in her white lace see through bra, white lace panties, white lace suspender and white lace topped stockings, perched on her red 4” stiletto heels. Her cock was pushing her panties to their limit.

I teased the front of her panties down and her cock burst into view. It was covered in pre-cum. “I think I had better clean that up for you” I said taking the bell end in my mouth and licking my lovers delicious pre-cum. I proceeded to gorge myself on this rampant cock. “Does Vicky’s clit please you?” Vicky gasped as I continued to lick and suck every single inch of her cock. “Hmm” was all I was able to contribute to the question posed. I felt Vicky tensing and increased my attention to the bell end anticipating the glorious shower she was about to treat me to. Sure enough after a further minute or so she gasped, took hold of my head and proceeded to fuck my mouth in a wild, almost uncontrolled, frenzy, her beautiful thick 8” cock pounding in and out of my ever eager mouth. She bucked forward ramming her cock deep in my throat, “Oh my darling I’m there, please suck me, please, please suck me”. At that she climaxed, her love juice hit the back of my throat as she exploded into her orgasm. I did what she had begged and sucked her ‘clit’ until it was drained and all her tasty juice had slid easily down my throat.

I stood up and kissed her. “Thank you, I needed that as much as you need this” she said. She then proceeded to strip me naked, then, removing her panties, she turned around and, placing both hands on the hall table bent over and opened her legs.

Her exquisite hole beckoned, I was unprepared, no condom, no lube. “Take me now, put it in I’m ready” she whimpered.

I positioned my cock on the delicate puckered rim of the most beautiful love tunnel any man could ever wish to use; all I had on was my own pre-cum. My bell end tentatively probed the entrance, it was already lubricated, Vicky was a cute cookie and she had planned this down to the last detail.

My shaft entered her heavenly domain, inching in slowly at first; her young hole was tight but my eager iron hard shaft still slid smoothly into depths of her eager, inviting hole. I was soon fully embedded into her rear pussy and she was starting to buck up and down my shaft as I rode her. “Please, please play with Vicky’s clit” she begged as I continued to shaft in and out of her deliciously smooth hole. I felt around her and took her harden clit in my hand and masturbated it in rhythm with my own thrusting.

It was surely the nearest thing to heaven on earth as I proceeded to ride Vicky’s delightful hole while working her beautiful 8” clit, but everything reaches it natural conclusion and this wonderful session did. I started to tense and Vicky, recognising the signs pleaded for her favourite turn on “My nipples, pull them, twist them, hurt me, please me”. I needed no second invite, I unfastened her bra and it joined her blouse, skirt and panties on the floor, I then took each of her elongated nipples and tugged, squeezed and teased them. She cried out, “More, more, pull them, please, please pull them, please Vicky”.

I pulled as hard as I could with the inevitable consequences, Vicky bucked even harder against my cock and proceeded to ejaculate all over her clothes on the floor and I exploded in her hole, filling it with my love juice.

I withdrew and Vicky turned to me and, pulling me to her she kissed me and then said “That will do for starters my darling, now lets we go to bed and make love”.