Written by rrrrrrrr

31 Oct 2006

hi.i used to drive wagon around the country when late afternoon i stopped at a toilet in welshpool wales.i used the cubicle as i always do and noticed a hole leading to the next cubicle i could see something move past it and at first i was a bit nervous and pulled my dick back in my trousers but then i started to feel a bit randy so i pulled it out again and finished my piss knowing someone was looking so i started to pull the foreskin back and forth and soon it was hard.then i heard a voice asking me to go in the next cubicle with him.i was still a bit nervous but went in and it was a man about 60 but quite fit for his age .with a masssive hard on he grabbed my hand onto his knob and i slowly wanked him.while he was undoing my zip my knob was hard by now as you can imagine he bent down and started to suck me i`ve never been touched my a male but it was great as he sucked and sucked i told him i was coming he said don`t cum yet fuck my arse i said no not into that he said fair enough but will i cum in his mouth well he no sooner said i just cum it felt like i had not cum for weeks there was loads of spunk squirting in his mouth.i then pulled away and made him cum with my hand he then said thanks and he might see me again next time i`m in the area.well i kept trying those toilets again and again but nothing ever happened.one day i hope