Written by Graham and Corrine

19 Apr 2005

I arrived home expecting to find Corrine there with our usual bottle of wine and nibbles but the kitchen was empty.I thought she may have popped home for a while so I called at her house and found the door unlocked so I went in.

I called her name and a reply came from the conservatory.

I went through and found her naked on the inflatable with Josette a lady from the village. Josette was a retired divorcee who had lived here for about six months. I had spoken to her several times and found her quite attractive.

She was it turned out 61 years old and had been divorced for 5 years. She and Corrine had discovered eachother some months before, as you know Corrine does enjoy making love with other women.

I knew Josette was redhaired but though she dyed it. Seeing her lying there naked proved she didn't. She had a firm body and breasts that were still firm. She had large aureoles with erect nipples. Her bush was slightly greying and was mosit from Corrine's attentions.

Corrine said I knew you would find us and thought you might like to join us for an apperitif before we go to dinner at Josette's.I didnot need asking twice.I slipped out of my clothes and jooined them on the lilo.

Josette took my tool in her hand and began to massage it. It responded quickly. Corrine meanwhile was licking her cunt. I came quickly in response to the expert flicking of Josette's tounge and the gentle sucking of her mouth. She drank evry drop from me and let me suck her nipples while fingering Corrines clit.

They both soon climaxed and made me lick their cunt juices.

Corrine was by now licking my cock back to life and suggested I fucked Josette. She said she hadn't had a man for five years and was probably a little rusty.

I pushed my knob against her bush and it slid in to her mosit entry. She thrust her hips towards me and took me in full length. She was a little dry but that made my cock throb more. I gently withdrew and entered her again.This time she was moist and I began to ride her slowly.She whimpered that she had forgotten what a man was like.

The strokes were getting faster and she screamed out let me have and I came filling her cunt with my hot spunk.

I rolled off her and Corrine buried her head in her muff to lick up the juices.

Now it was Corrines turn and after a little foreplay sshe straddled my cock backwards. I fondled her tits and Josette set to work on her clit. Corrine was crying with pleasure and I felt her come over my member. Her warm juices causing my cock to throb more. She started to ride with Josete at her clit.She let an almighty scream and we both came together. I pumped full and felt my cock was never going to stop as she gripped me tight with her cunt muscles.Eventually we both subsided.Josette then licked us both clean and we dressed and went for dinner.

The events of the evening are another story I will tell later.