Written by HornyOne

20 Jan 2005

A's husband would describe her as 33 years old, curvy, sexy and, when aroused, sexual dynamite. Usually A would just cringe or laugh, never thinking of herself in that way. And yet, her husband knew that most men would agree with him.

They'd been swinging on and off for years. However, with the advent of children it had become more and more difficult to find time to do anything, let alone getting up to the naughtiness that they both enjoyed. This didn't stop them fantasizing about it when they were having sex themselves though, and often many scenarios would be played out to the orgasmic delight of them both.

Enough was enough. They had a great relationship, and while they were young they decided they didn't want to waste anymore time not enjoying themselves. Life was for living, and living now. So, they joined this website and attempted to find the sort of people on here that they could connect with and have some fun with.

The number 1 fantasy for them is more than one man with A. A, a self confessed 'greedy girl', enjoys all the possibilities that having more than one man lusting after you offers. A's husband just gets stiff at the thought of A with another man, so they are a perfect match for each other. They'd enjoyed it in the past, and now wanted to do it again.

Looking at all the ads on here took a long time. Responding to those men that fitted the bill took even longer. In the end after searching through, they decided to put up their own ad too. It was relatively specific, although quite open in many ways also. Simply put, they were after clean, friendly, absolutely no strings attached fun - although they thought that getting along with each other and perhaps devloping an on-going thing would be a plus too.

Men who were at least 7"+ with good girth would be a bonus, and they wanted them between the ages of 25-45. Of course these men would have to be happy with sharing A amongst each other. It was no good just receiving replies from men who only wanted to play with A alone. That wasn't the point. The point was MORE than one man, and anyone who didn't understand that from the off would be no good at all.

Sifting through the ads, A and her husband became very aroused. They thought that perhaps it would take quite some time to find the right guys, but when it came to it there were almost too many that were great candidates for what they had in mind.

They managed to narrow it down to 5 men. They all seemed to match up really well. Intelligent, articulate, horny as hell about the idea, and were not afraid of saying so. All were very complimentary about the pictures they'd been sent of A, and all were very much looking forward to meeting A and her husband (especially A though, of course!).

Ranging from Jay at 28 to Dave at 42, they all were nicely endowed, one in particular (Ben, 34) was 8" and very thick, and A thought almost too big, but she was too turned on by him not to at least meet up and see how it went with him. The other 2 were Chris 30 and Dan 40. All were white except Jay, who was soft asian looking.

5 men was a lot to meet up with in one go, especially if you haven't met even one of them before. They decided to meet up with just two of them to begin with and take it from there. If that went well then A could add another, one at a time, until all 5 were regular 'friends'. That was their plan anyway.

Which two to meet up with first? And where? They decided to meet up with Jay (the asian 28 year old) and Ben (the very well endowed 34 year old) in a bar about 10 miles away from their home. The kids were away with grandparents, so for now they had a complete and uninterrupted run of their own home, which they intended to make use of!

The day finally came and A was nervous but also getting excited. Her husband was nervous and excited too. They'd made it clear that, assuming they all agreed and got along, more or less anything would go as long as everyone was having fun - although condoms must be worn for penetrative sex. A always preferred a loose agenda.

A and her husband walked into the bar and noticed Jay and Ben instantly. Jay and Ben were soon smiling back as they saw them walk over to their table. A was wearing tight fitting jeans that showed off her nice big arse, and also a tightish top with no bra underneath that showed off her tits and nipples. Jay, Ben and her husband were not complaining!

After a little time sitting and getting to know each other, A found herself warming to these two rather good looking guys. She certainly felt very horny right now, and knew exactly what she wanted to be doing with them. Jay pointed out that A had a nice top on, obviously referring to her tits and now erect nipples. The heat was rising. A knew she was almost certainly dripping wet, and was trying to give the signal to her husband that she was happy with the situation. She was, in fact, more than happy, she was now almost gagging for it. She'd got to the stage of happily talking about very sexual things, and being almost shameless about her obvious state of excitement. This was going better than any of them could have hoped for.

Finally A's husband took the hint and suggested that they go back to their house for something to drink. As they all stood up to leave, A was sneaking peeks at the two men. They were definitely the sort of people she had in mind when they put the ad up. Handsome, good physiques, and obviously good fun to be with. But most importantly, they were definitely very interested in getting down and dirty with A. That much was clear from the way they were acting towards her.

They all got in the car. Jay and Ben in the back, A and her husband in the front. A wished she was sitting between them in the back seat! But no, she must wait.

They arrived home about 15 minutes later after talking quite a bit in the car about all sorts of things. Sometimes brushing on the subject of swinging, sometimes on the subject of how A looked, and how all men agreed that she was definitely one hot woman! A didn't care much for her usual modesty now - she had been squirming in the passenger seat, turning round to speak to the men, eyeing them up as discreetly as possible, but eyeing them up none-the-less.

Walking into their house, A's husband took the lead, followed by A and then Jay and Ben. She knew they'd be perving over her big arse, she knew they'd be imagining themselves having a piece of it! They all went into the living room and A sat down on one of the single sofa chairs, while Jay and Ben sat down on the main sofa. A's husband went to make them all drinks, but just before he left, he asked if they liked porn, to which they both replied that yes, of course they did! So he put a porn DVD in, with the sound muted, and then left the room.

A sat there, still chatting away with these two men. They were talking to her and not really paying that much attention to the porn movie at all... they obviously had her in their sites now. A turned to look at the porn movie and on the screen was a woman kneeling down giving a furious blow job to a well-endowed guy. She turned back to Jay and Ben to see them eyeing her up shamelessly.

At this point Jay said, "I wish you were doing that to me", and A replied, "So do I!"

With that A walked over and sat between Jay and Ben. Jay turned to A and started kissing her, while Ben took his cue and started kissing A's neck and placed his hand on her left breast, feeling her pointy erect nipple under his palm. A could no longer withstand the frustration of the moment, so took her top off to allow Ben full access to her tits. She now instructed them both to lick and suck on her tits, but do it gently, so she could enjoy it fully.

At this moment A's husband walked back in with the drinks, but wasn't altogether surprised by what he saw. He was, however, VERY turned on by it. There was his wife, hot as hell, semi-naked with two guys paying attention to her tits as she stuck out her chest to better enable them. A looked up and he winked back at her, putting his thumb up in approval, and sat down in the corner of the room, fully suggesting that he would just watch from there. A was now almost at the point of orgasm. She needed to get her jeans off, NOW!

It turned out A didn't have to worry for long about that, because Jay and Ben also had the same idea. Once they'd taken off their clothes, releasing their rock solid cocks into the air, they then set about taking the rest of A's clothes off.

In an unplanned split second, A knew just exactly what she wanted them to do. While sitting back on the sofa, A asked Jay to stand over her, straddling her body so he could feed her his cock and fuck her mouth. She then told Ben to kneel down at her open legs and eat her pussy.

They leapt at this, and soon A was enjoying Jay's gorgeous cock in her mouth, pumping in and out, occasionally pointing it up and wanking it while A licked his balls and shaft, and then back in again. Ben's lips and tongue were on her pussy paying it full attention. It went on like this for about 5 minutes, although to A it seemed like 20 seconds before she came. She was certain that she'd had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. Ben carried on, but A had to stop him because she was now sore in the aftermath of her hugely satisfying orgasm.

And now she wanted to make sure that her new friends 'got theirs'. "Where do you want me?", she said with a naughty grin on her face, eager for them to both take her, and take her now! Perhaps even seeing her on her way to another orgasm.

Jay and Ben were now both standing in front of her, with their great bodies and cocks, stiff and sweaty and aching for action. A was admiring them, very impressed with their wonderful looking cocks, and for the first time noticing how fantastically good looking and big Ben's was.

They decided they wanted to take A upstairs to the bedroom. A said, follow me, and led them upstairs, all the while they were walking, Jay and Ben were playing with her big arse, slapping it and groping it. She knew that when they got to the bedroom she was going to get laid good and proper!

A's husband followed up behind, his cock out of his flies, wanking it as he went, utterly astounded by the way things had turned out. He positioned himself again on a chair in the corner, and sat down just in time to see Ben stretching a condom out over his big cock. "Where do you want me?", A had said, and they had not forgotten it!

Jay had asked A to lie back on the bed so he could get on top of her chest and push his cock between her tits. He started slowly working it in and out of her tits, kneading them around his stiff cock as he did so. Each time it surfaced, A would do her best to take it in her mouth. Ben had now positioned himself on the bed at A's knees. He asked A to open her legs, which A did without hesitating... 'she opened them very wide', A's husband thought, it looked like A was hotting up again!

A now couldn't wait for Ben to ease his big cock into her. Ever since the bar she'd been looking forward to this moment, and now it was going to happen, and to make matters even better, she had Jay on top of her pushing his cock in her mouth periodically while it was wegded between her big tits. She could feel his arse rubbing against her body and it felt so good. So totally covered in two men.

A had not forgotten that her husband was watching, and that just multiplied the whole moment up to dizzying proportions.

She felt Ben's hands on her thighs, and then the head of his cock gently rubbing on her tight wet and aching pussy. She wanted him inside her and wanted him inside her NOW! Slowly he pushed himself in. It felt amazing. She felt so full of cock, her pussy hadn't felt like this for ages.

Jay had got to the point of no return and was telling A he was going to come. A put her head up and grabbed his cock, now wanking it hard into her mouth with her tongue out - all the time being jolted to and fro by Ben's thrusts into her. She knew what she wanted Jay to do and so did Jay. He let himself come into her mouth with 3 massive spurts before A's lips closed round it while he finished off. He then smiled and got off.

Now Ben had full access to A. He started groping her tits while fucking her deep and hard. A found herself telling him to, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee". She now had her fingers on her clit and was wanking as Ben built up to his own climax. They were fucking hard, almost like rampant animals, as Jay and A's husband looked on. With almost expert timing, both A and Ben came and then collapsed in a satisfied heap.

'Yes', A thought, these two were just perfect.