Written by Nick

26 Feb 2004

A couple of years ago I was seeing a cracking girl (Linda 27). She was pretty much game for most things and we regularly enjoyed fun and games with others.

Not long after I moved in with her the house next door to her was sublet to an East European family, three brothers and their sister. We had very little to do with them and to my knowledge they couldn't speak much English anyway. As time passed by we vaguely got to know Serg,Jorge,Tony and their sister Lucio. But basically the conversations were limited.

I work as a fire investigator so my hours can be extremly varied. This one night I knocked off about 11 o'clock and headed home. When I arrived I made sure to be quiet and slowly went into the house. As I entered I noticed from downstairs the bedroom light was still on. So I crept up the stairs to surprise Linda.

As I got to the top of the stairs the door was ajar and I could hear plenty of noise, and as I looked through the crack of the door I was so surprised. There was Linda on all fours on the bed totally naked with Jorge fucking her while she sucked Tony's cock. To the side I then saw Serg sat in our whicker chair with his "sister" impaled on his cock. I really did not know what to do, but as I carried on watching Linda was taking dick anyway she could take it.

Before long I realised I had my cock in my hand and was wanking furiously. Then I saw a sight that will live with me. Linda and Lucio lay on the bed in the 69 position, Linda on top, then Serg entered Linda's dripping cunt while Tony fucked Lucio's pussy and Jorge started to lick Serg's arse.

At this point I stumbled forward and fell into the room. They all turned but hardly reacted to my unannounced entrance and carried on what they were doing. So I thought sod it and just stripped off and grabbed the thing nearest to me and it happened to be Jorge. We had a little kissing then he went down on me and he was good, his tongue was everywhere. At this stage the two girls were now laying side by side while the other two guys wanked over them. Jorge and me joined them and the four of us wanked over the girls, spraying them with cum.

It since turned out that on more than one occasion Linda had fucked all three guys alone and they had talked and decided to group fuck her and also introduce their "sister" Lucio who is actually a friend who they brought with them to Britain as a regular shag.