Written by tommy Q

4 Feb 2005

My younger sister had promised to babysit for a new couple that had moved into our block but at the last minute something came up and she could not fullfil her promise . Not wanting to let them down she asked the couple would it be alright to get me to do it instead. They couldn't change their plans at this late stage so they agreed and I got the job.I arrived promptly on time, she had the kids in bed and after giving me the usual instructions continued to get herself ready to go out. She really was some piece of work and the perfumed body that floated in the air turned me on and my prick was starting to rise, so i went into the lounge and turned on the t.v to help me take my mind of what i was thinking. After a while they were ready and he instructed me to amuse myself whatever way i wanted until they returned. I settled down to watch tv and chill out on the sofa constantly thinking of the beautiful boobs the neighbour had with my hand slowly moving up and down my ever growing cock.After a while i decided to look in on the kids , all was ok and coming back had noticed that their bedroom door was open and coursity took me in. I rummaged through the presses and eventually found her nicker drawer. A treasure of thongs and all types of bras that had my head spin as i pressed they to my nose to smell. Feeling into the back of the drawer with the intention of taking a pair for a souvinor i came across an unnamed video tape that arroused my interest and rushed down to play after tiding the room as best I could. Wow! what a suprise my beautiful neighbour was involved with two guys in the greatest sexual romp that I had ever seen, they preformed things that i had never thought possible . What an education, i nearly wore it out as i played it over and over again wanking my self a few times into the thong that i had taken from the drawer.I replaced before they return with the exception of the thong and settled back to wait.They returned slightly tipsy but thanked me profusly for filling the gap to which I told them it was no trouble and would do it anytime. I went home and had beautiful dreams that night. Coming in from work the next day I was suprised but dismayed when my mum said that our neighbour wanted to see me urgently and could i go round immediately.I rang the bell and entered when the door was opened. She stood there and told me that she knew what i was up to last night and as i repeatly denied any of the alligations she asked how she was going to punish me. i found it slightly strange that hubby was not about but decided to own up to my misdeeds. I was caught out watching the video as i failed to return it to the original start point but as she didnt mention the thong I let it go at this stage.I will prlate to the enjoyable punishment at another date and it was nore than i could ever dream about at my age.