Written by sexygreeneyes

18 Dec 2006

This is the follow on from 'taxi ride & hotel' story I posted.

I had met up with 'Steve' from a site like this one, and we had had an eventful meeting so far, and a very sexy taxi ride to the hotel. Once we entered the hotel, we went into the bar for a couple more drinks and were soon chatting with a couple of sales reps that were staying there.

Steve wasted no time in telling them that I was a dirty slut he had met on the internet, and filled them in on what had already happened on the taxi ride to the hotel. All the time he was talking he was touching my breasts, and pinching my nipples. I was embarrassed but incredibly turned on aswell. After a while, he said "Im going to take this slut to our room, would you like to join us?"

Both men said they'd love to, so we left the bar and got into the lift. As soon as we were in the lift Steve pulled up my skirt exposing my stockings, suspenders and thong and immediately shove his fingers into my dripping wet pussy, the other two men began rubbing my breasts and Steve resumed calling me a dirty slut, and cock loving whore. The lift doors opened, steve took his fingers out of me and pushed me towards the room with my skirt still up around my waist.

He opened the door to the room and ordered me to take off my outer clothes. As soon as they were off, he said "take off your bra and thong and lay down on the bed with your legs open - you are gonna be fucked senseless". I did exactly as I was told. The three men stripped out of their clothes, and Steve immediately got between my legs and rammed his cock straight up me, he was fucking me really hard and rough, and all the while calling me names. One of the other men shoved his cock in my mouth while his mate was wanking with one hand and pulling at my tits really hard with the other one.

I could already feel an orgasm building up, when Steve said "lets make this bitch water- tight" and pulled out of me. He told the man in my mouth to lay down and said for me to climb on top, then he pushed me forward and told the other man to shove his cock in my mouth, which he did.

Just then, I felt something cold and slimy being rubbed into my ass, and for the first time in my life, felt the head of a mans cock pushing into my bum.

Both the other men were pushing in and out of me and Steve slowly pushed his cock up my ass, no sooner had the head entered me, I started to cum, and cum and cum.

Within a minute, all three men were riding me hard, and they were all grunting and groaning. I was being totally used as their cum slut and loving it. I was practically screaming on the cock in my mouth as I exploded into the biggest orgasm of my life. I hardly even noticed that I was swallowing one mans cum, when his mate went off in my pussy. Then Steve fucked my arse like an animal til he came.

All three men pulled out of me and lay down on the bed panting. I just collapsed forward onto the man under me, then rolled off him. The two men we had met in the bar then got up and dressed quietly, thanked Steve for inviting them in, and thanked me for letting them enjoy one of the horniest fucks they had ever had.

When they left, Steve was lovely, ran me a bath and when I came out, gave me a lovely massage and we chatted and laughed about everything that had happened.

For both of us it was a fantasy fulfilled, and after a while we left the hotel, and said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and no plans to meet again. A lovely time had by all!