Written by Lulu

9 Oct 2003

I’d wanted to have anal sex with my husband for ages, but was too shy to bring up the subject. But one night it happened without any planning or discussion before hand. I love to be fucked from behind, the harder the better. For some time he’d been fucking me and playing with my asshole at the same time. I loved this and it made me cry out with pleasure. I think this must have encouraged him because he applied a huge blob of lube to my ass and the next thing I knew he was rubbing his huge hard cock between my buttocks. I was half out of my mind not knowing where he was going to stick it, and then after teasing me for a while, I felt the tip of his cock gently touch my asshole. I adjusted my position to give him better entry, and braced myself. Slowly, slowly, he pressed his giant cock into my anus, and I felt it stretch as he moved closer and closer. He was groaning with pleasure and I reached back and held my cheeks open for him as he slid his cock inside me. I had my eyes closed and was biting my lip with pain and pleasure at the same time. Slowly, slowly I could feel the tip of his cock entering me, and then suddenly there was a popping sensation, and the next thing I knew, he was all the way in. I was in ecstacy, writhing around on the bed, gasping and begging for more. He held my cheeks apart and slid his beautiful cock in and out again and again until I was crying with pleasure. We both came at the same time, and lay trembling, amazed at what we’d just experienced. Now anal sex is part of our regular love play and we couldn’t be happier. My fantasy is to have sex with two men at once, one in my pussy, one in my ass – that would be heaven.