Written by A Scott

24 Jun 2005

I was in the Army and at the time lived in a small town in Wiltshire about 20 miles from where the regiment was stationed. On our previous posting we had swapped with a couple of other friends and had enjoyed it immensely. I was particularly turned on by seeing my wife being fucked by other cocks and started to encourage her to tell me about her sex life prior to our meeting, right back to her very first fuck. The boy who first fucked her had been 16 and it turned us both on to fantasize about her fucking a 16 yr old again. She would get as wet as i have ever felt her when we talked about her seducing someone that age, and I would get as hard as i'd ever been.

I then went to Northern Ireland for four months,leaving Sue in Wilts, where she worked in a supermarket. We wrote almost every day. Very horny letters to which we would both wank. Then she told me that a young lad had started working with her who was very mature for his age, and while

not actually chatting her up, let her know that he liked

her.He was not averse to trying to peer down her top or see up her skirt, and she did not discourage him and purposely positioned herself whilst filling shelves etc. he could see right up to her knickers.

She told me that it was turning her on teasing him like this and that she had started thinking about him as she lay in bed wanking. My reply to her was to go for it. To take him to bed and show him how a real woman likes to be fucked. She took me at my word and had him help her in the garden one Sunday afternoon. It didn't take him long to realize that she was offering herself to him, when she kissed him as a thank you for all his help. She put her arms around his neck and soon with her tongue in his mouth she felt his cock pushing into her belly. Her fingers were soon wrapped around it over the confines of his jeans so she told him it would be much easier if they both stripped off then they could fuck at leisure. His cock was about 6" and very very hard. She wanted him badly but had no sooner got him into her mouth than he came. Spurt after spurt of spunk was shot into her mouth. More than she could manage so it was running down her chin and onto her breasts. He rubbed the spunk into her tits and her hard nipples.

It had been a few years since i had fucked her right after coming in her mouth, but this was new to him and he didn't lose his hard-on. She was soon guiding him into her soaking cunt and wrapping her legs around his back and urging to fuck her hard.

They fucked all afternoon into the early evening and he came three times in her sopping cunt, then fingering her to orgasm with his digits covered in their mixed juices.

I spoke to her that night on the phone, not knowing what had transpired, but sensing something had. She told me that i would get a great letter in the next couple of days, and to tell her what i did when i read it.

When i did read the letter i was hard to burst. She told me all about the tryst and said that that was going to be the first of many. I wanked many times over that letter and over the subsequent ones which described what they did together. She even had him take some polaroid photos of her which she sent me. I could see his spunk oozing from her pussy in two of them.

Then one weekend she had to go up north to see her mother who wasn't very well and whilst there caught the bus to see a friend she had been at school with. After chatting and having a few glasses of wine as they reminisced over their

old boyfriends it was time to go and her husband said that he would run her back to her mothers. Sue said she was feeling amourous and that she told Ian just that, and if he wanted to park up somewhere she would be very grateful!

When her mum had gone to bed she phoned me and told me that they had parked up in a laybye, where he stripped her naked and fucked her. God, I was so horny! I soon had my cock out and was wanking as she told me everything that he did to her and she to him.

I had taken the call in one of a pair of offices, thinking I was alone. So I was really going for it, telling her she was a beautiful lovely whore who could have as many cocks as she wanted as long aqs she told me all the details, when I heard a slight noise from the adjoining office. Stuffing my cock back into my denims and telling Sue to hang on a minute, I quickly opened the door to the other office to see a young soldier on the phone and he was wanking too. I asked him who he was talking to and he said very embarrassed that he was talking to no-one. I took the phone off him and said, "hello, who is this?" Was I surprised when my wife replied, "who do you think it is?"

He had been listening in to our very sexy conversation and was even wanking as he listened!! I told him that if any of this went any further I would brain him. He promised that nothing would ever be said. Then as I was leaving he said quietly that he wished his wife would do the same. They had only been married 14 months, but already had fantasies of her fucking others.

He took out his wallet and asked if I would like to see her

He showed me pics of her nude, posing with her legs open, showing a sparsely covered mound. He said he had more in his locker if I wanted to look at them. I said, "later."

Then as I looked at the few pics he had handed me I started to harden up again. I rubbed my crotch. He did the same, asking me if i would like to fuck her. When i replied that I would, he asked me to wank over her pics. Before taking my cock out again, I took the pics Nigel had taken of Sue out of my wallet and handed them to him. "You wank too," I told him. His cock was hard and about 7" as i watched him wank over pics of my wife, as I did the same over his, still with the thoughs that Sue was getting, and going to get a lot more cock before I got home to her.