Written by Nigel James

24 Apr 2006

We went round to our friends house for a meal last Saturday, we've known them for years now and often stay the night.

The wine was flowing and after the meal we settled in the lounge for a chat, my wife Lynn mentioned her back was really playing her up; to thsi,our friend Katherine said " Paul's really good at massage, let him rub your back for you".

Normally Lynns' quite shy but it must havebeen the wine talking as she said" Go on then".

She lay down on the settee and pulled her blouse up slightly.

" That;s no good" said Paul" i can't do it propelry, come on, take it off."

Lynn hesitated for a moment then unbottoned her blouse to reveal her black lacy bra; i could see Paul's eyes taking it all in.

She lay back down and he began to rub her back, maasaging the lower area for her.

I'd never seen her be touched by another man and i have to admit i was getting a hard on;i could see Lynn was moving her hips rythmically and i think she was finding it exciting as well.

Katherine said" i think she's enjoying that!", i replied" i can see that."

Paul was moving his hands lower and lower till they were massaging her sexy ass, he said he could do a much better job if she removed her jeans; she did so and stood there in her thong and bra, a look of lust had come over her and she grabbed Paul's hand and made him feel her tits, he didn't need a second invitation and within a moment he was kissing her passionately, his hands moving all over her body;Katherine and i stared in amazement, we had no idea this was going to happen.

Lynn dropped to her knees in front of Paul and opened his trousers, i knew what was coming next, she was really good at blwojobs and loved cock in her mouth, she took it out and began sucking for all she was worth, it didn't take long till he exploded into her and she swallowed the lot down; i could see Katherine was rubbing herself and i didn't need an invitation; as Paul started to shag Lynn roughtly from behind i got to work with Katherine and before long both women were shuddering to huge orgasms; the whole thing took us by surprise, Lynn loved it and wanted to shag all night;Paul started fingering her arse,something i 'd been wanting to do for ages but had never tried, i watched amazed as he slid his huge cock into her tight asshole, he fucked her so hard she was begging for more and more, i moved to the front and made my wife suck me till i came in her mouth, she loved it.

Katherine by this time had fetched her massive black dildo and started fingering lynn's dripping fanny before she inserted the dildo as far as it would go.

What a night!