Written by rascal

5 Oct 2009

I have told you before about BeE Bee our Black African that is Johns women, well because of problems we had no work for a while so we headed back to Marrakesh, and i am quite happy to share and get a fuck with BB as and when.

When John was in Rabat on business for a few days, he was sitting at a cafe when this French woman approached him - would you mind if I sit with you she said in English, as I am being looked at funny by some men and I am a bit frightened, no probs said John and made introductions - her name was Eva (for short)anyway they chatted away, with John suggesting he better take her back to her Hotel for safety, he basically invited himself up to her room, she was suprised but John said just by chance I am also stopping here , as its the best in the area and recommended,, they dined together that night with John ensuring her glass was always full and the vodka was strong - she knew what was going to happen when John took her back to her room, and was snogging him in the hallway as soon as the door closed.

John fucked her half the night so he said - and invited her back to the house in Marrakesh, which she accepted.

Now two things we did not expect when John phoned and said they were coming over - firstly he said she could be a present from him to me - yer I laughed as well, secondly we did not realise that BB would get her chance with this French womans body.

After a great meal we all sat outside in the cool air with BB loading up the drinks, and saying outragous things to BB as she passed - but the drinks flowed and BB who cannot hold liquor was well pissed before long, John pulled over the big heavy duty plastic Table and lifted BB on top laying on her and kissing her deeply - before pulling up her long dress - now BB takes orders from John and wears no underclothes when she is indoors, any way she lay there and John pulled both her legs high and open showing us all her fantastic cunt with the pink inner, John went down on BB and worked his mouth at her cunt, Eva and I just watched, but I could see Eva was getting really aroused, she slipped off her clothes and went over to John, my turn cherie she said and put her mouth to BBs cunt, John waved me over and made the sign to fuck Eva from behind - which I did slipping into her arse first, she pulled my cock out and guided it to her cunt without even taking her mouth away from BB, John had move around to BB now and had his cock in her mouth, we could twell by her actions BB was having a few orgasms, John then pulled Eva away from BB nad put his throbbing cock up her fanny- he was ready to come gallons and it dribbled all along the table edge, I then came my lot in Eva, and we all sort of sat down exhausted.

Later the same evening Eva and BB put on a Lesbian show for us with the pair of them ending with trying to wank me and John off with their feet, in the end I grabbed BB and shot my lot all over her big black tits, while John got a hand job from Eva.

Now the fun with Eva and BB lasted another 6 days,with Eva delaying her return to France - but promised to return again soon.