Written by f and m

26 Sep 2006

We decided to have a weekend in barcelona. The sites and nightlife were the original draw. However having had a few meets now (7) we thought we should break the weekend up with a meet. Before we left we went into spanish part of a swing site and saw what F thought was a good looking guy.So we arranged a meet. The evening arrived and our man arrived at our hotel room. Well dressed and very smooth he began to charm my lady. As is usual i went to the bathroom to leave them to chat and chat he did. After an hour no movement from him and unusually F wasnt fighting to get his clothes off either. Eventually i went in and lay next to F on the bed and started touching her tits and looking at him. He seemed to take the hint and joined us on the bed. F leant forward and the kissing began. As an ardent voyeur I picked up a glass of wine and sat in the chair and put on the video cam. From the slow start a sexual dynamo appeared. In no time they were naked and F was slipping a condom over his shaved cock. This was our first guy who was shaved- must say it made his cock look much bigger. He was on top and slipped her his cock. and then he started to fuck the fastest I had ever seen. F was loving it as her cries were showing that this rabbit like fucking was working. He was a stayer and fucked her in all positions. F is not into facials but I could see by the way he kept getting across her with his cock in her face that that was what he was after. After what must have been her 5th orgasm without him coming he sat astride her asking her to suck him, i was amazed when she pulled off his condom and started to do just that. He was telling her that it tasted like paella we all fell about laughing at this great line hehe. With her sucking him he started to make loud groaning noises and she pushed his cock from her mouth, but she continued to wank him as he sat on her chest. As he let out loud cries of enjoyment he shot over her tits, his second thrust shot a long spurt over her face. He was a big cummer so her tits and face were covered- i loved it. They both took showers and we enjoyed a wine while the chat began again. This time i started to lick her pussy and soon I could see he was hard again wanting me out of the way. As the charmer he was he asked so nicely to take over i couldnt refuse and offered him the wifes pussy like. He smiled and took over feasting on her pussy. Soon the fucking was on again and he must have lasted well over an hour. At last F was astride him and again he said she should try his paella. Much to my amazement she got off pulled off his condom and once again sucked his cock. As his now familiar pre orgasm cries started she wanked him off over his chest not being able to take it down her throat. When he had unloaded he pulled her down on to him and they writhed about covering each other in his cum juices. After another shower and a short rest he fucked her coming inside her (wearing a condom) as she ordered him to do. When he left we watched the video and re-lived the evening fucking and getting horny over our spanish guy who gave F her first facial.