Written by Peter

15 Jan 2007

About 10 years ago I was working as a contract surveyer on a site in cornwall. I used to stay in B&B accomodation during the week at a farmhouse run by a middle-aged couple. He ran the farm and she looked after the B&B side. After a month or so I was good friends with Ted and Val and one day he told me in confidence that Val needed more sex than he could provide. This seemed to be an invitation to help and I jokingly asked if I could be of any assistance. Ted immediately said that Val had asked him to find out if I fancied her because she had been fantasising about me for a while. Val was not exactly a beauty queen. She was about 5' 4", quite rotund, grey hair and glasses but she had a very womanly bosom and a most motherly way towards me. Up till then I had not had any ideas of being anything other than a well behaved guest in her house. The next evening I had just got to bed when there was a tap on my door. I opened it and it was Ted in his pyjames saying that Val was asking for me. We crossed the corridor to their bedroom and there was Val on the bed, naked except for a pair of black stockings, on her back with her legs wide and knees drawn up. Ted said "she wants you to fuck her". The sight had me erect so I took off my pyjamas and without ceremony got between her thighs and put my cock in her. She told me it felt good and began bouncing me against her belly. We carried on like this for about 5 minutes while Ted sat beside her and held her hand. The sensations were too much for me and I came quite soon after that and stood up. She carried on rubbing herself until she convulsed in a climax. They thanked me for my help I went back to bed. Next morning nothing except a smile from Val acknowledged what had happen the night before.

After that episode Val would signal her needs every few days by wearing her short skirts and stockings during the evening and I would know that I would be needed to do her that night. When my contract ended I didn't see them again but the adventure taught me that even the plainest and seemingly innocent woman has sexual needs to be fulfilled.