Written by len

17 Aug 2004

this happened on saturday night, we had a bit of a doo at the house the usual people turned up aswell as a few of my wifes new colage pals and 1 in particular caught my even more as that she intended to stay the night as she lived out of town, anyway the night when well and everybody left by about 1.30am we all helped clear up and me my wife and her pal we will call lisa sat and had drink on the patio,the conversation soon turned to sex my wife winging a bit that i had afew dvds of porn,we wentinside to continue drinking and the conversation returned to sex ,lisa then said she used to enjoy watching porn with her previous partner,she asked me to put some on,i looked at my wife thinking she will never go for this but she nodded for me to carry on,we settled down and began watching and it was not hard to work out lisa was very turned on , my heart strarted to race as i wondered what would happen next as my wife never reallyseem into anthing like that but she to was getting turned on i moved over and sat next to my wife began to rub her leg she let it fall open to give me acces up her little summer dress , as i stroke her lacey knickers she was soaking,lisa now had 1 hand between her own legs rubbing herself through her jeans ans reched over with the other and began to stoke my wife through her knickers, she put no fightonly pushed her hips forward i sat back as the 2 of them embraced anmy wife and lisa began to kiss ,i went to work on my wifes tis not big but lovley 34a's ,i soon had her dress down to her waist and lisa had it up to her waistand was peeling of her now sodden knikkers,she wasted no time parting her legs to reveal her hairy but swollen fanny lips i could not believe it was happening, my wife soon came 3 times before lisa emeged with my wifes love juices all over her face, i was almost bursting in my jeans ,my wife the went about undressing lisa, she had 34c tits a bit saggy but hey who was i to complain,lisa ssoon pushed my wife down to her neatly trimmed pussy that was alsosoaking wet and began the eat her , i was now stripping off wanting in onthe action, i unleashed my 9" and thick cock and offered it to lisa she was soon slurping and deepthroating me as my wife ate her pussy, after lisa came a couple of times my wife emerged with lisas cum all over her face and began to kissme i could taste her so difernt from my wife, she then dropped down and her and lisa suck ed me until i could not hold back anymore i said i was comming and the both got close and i shot one of the biggest loads i ever have all over their hair and faces they then began to kiss eachother licking off all my cum (what a site),we went through to to bedroom and we all fucked eack other for about another 2 hours i even got to fuck lisa up the arse my wife stopped there but i did get to finger her in the arse. we went to sleep,i was woken by giggling in the morning they had started again and i got to work straight away we all fucked licked sucked each anoyher and showered together for most of the morning, i gave lisa a lift home and she invited me in so i had her all to myself soi fucked her again a shot the last of my cum i could manage in her mouth she is comming back in a couple of week for a drink i can't wait and will let you know what happens