Written by bob

17 Jan 2005

So the story so far I got chatting to a bbw who goes to the quiz nights at my local. Overhearing me giving the bar staff some answers she jokingly told me I had to help her and I agreed to meet her in the toilet corridor. Then she pulled me in the invalid toilet and gave me a blow job but stopped before I came. Then she invited me to go back to her house. READ ON. I returned to my mates and continued drinking. About 15 minutes later my new friend got up put on her coat and headed for the door. I told my mates I was not feeling so good and that I felt like an early night. I almost flew out to the car park as I had no idea where my bbw friend lived! No panic she was sheltering just outside. Are you in your car she asked. Yes I replied . OK lets go then. As we pulled out of the car park I asked what her daughter with whom she always went to the pub would be doing. Do not worry she said she understands. Five minutes later we pulled up at her house and went in.

Now she is as I said a big beautiful woman who dressed in bright youthful clothes that enhanced her figure but were not over the top. She has a pretty roundish face with big eyes and always seems to be smiling. We went into the lounge and started to undress me whilst still smiling and telling me she had noticed that I had always gone out of my way to make eye contact in the pub and to smile at her. This was true!! Why had I not made a move she asked? I replied that as she was always with her daughter I did not wish to embarrass her and anyway therewere too many locals that might know her and her husband. I am a widow she replied and anyway you are here now. As I said before I am an average 6" in the tool department and whearas in the toilet I was small and limp at first I was now stiff and angry. Now where were we she asked . Ah yes . At that she knelt before me and once again I felt that hoover sensation. This time she went on and on and as i felt I was near to coming I told her but she carried on and took my cum. Was that nice she asked. Of course I replied. Will you do the same for me? Yes with pleasure I said and started to undo her slacks. I revealed a shapely pair of firm legs and a skimpy pair of white knickers. She removed her top and bra to reveal a huge pair of tits with large and i mean large nipples. I caressed and sucked her tits and the pulled down her knickers and helped her to the floor on her back. I spread her legs to reveal her cunt which had fleshy outer lips that were brown and pink. I parted them and saw her very pink inner lips and the sank my head into them. That first taste and the aroma stiffened my prick immediately and I licked and sucked for all I was worth. As I adjusted my head I found her clit which was like a third nipple. As I went to work on that she responded with gasps and moans. My prick went hardrd if that was possible!I continued my work and then started to insert a couple of fingers and she started to thrust herself in time with me. I dipped my little finger in her cunt and then slipped it round to her arse and it slid in there. I started to finger fuck both holes and she loved it. I changed to forefinger and thumb in her cunt and my second finger in her arse. Then she came with a vengence and nearly broke a finger. She said fuck me fuck me1 So I turned her around to a doggy position and stuck my prick in her wet hole. I went with slow deep(well 6" deep) strokes and fingered her arse. Then I pulled out and went up her arse hard and fast I knew I would come quickly but I could hear her breath getting shorter and shorter !! I came and then so did she! As my prick wilted she spun around and we were in a 69 and sucked and sucked on my prick and I sucked her cunt. eventually we both calmed down and as she gently sucked my ball and wanked me I licked her cunt and put my tongue in her arse and played with her clit. We stayed like that for 15 minutes or so and then we got up and went to the bathroom to shower. I asked i she wanted me to leave before her daughter came home. She said do you mean you want to get home before your Mrs wonders where you are. I laughed and told her that my Mrs woud be tucked up in bed and was used to me going back to mates houses. She laughed and said that next time we would have more time.