Written by dave dee

3 Sep 2004

we are in our late 40s my wife has got sexier with age being a lot more adventurous sex wise we go down to the local nudist beach when the weathers nice u always get alot of guys trying to get a good look at dee when they think u have not noticed this is part of the fun as see them starting to play with t heir cocks ive always had this fantasy about watching dee being shagged by anither guy one guy was taking a lot of notice of dee as she layed their he would be getting a good view as he was only about 10 meters away looking down on us from the top of the dunes so i went to have a chat with him making out i had not noticed him ogling my wife and playig with his cock when this black guy walked past with a young blonde women big tits shapely arse i said she looks a bit of alright then he said i much prefere your lass he reckoned the young one lacked any style i told him i would pass his comment onto my wife which i did this made her feel realy good so shouted thanks to him i jokingly said uve really got him excited when i looked up to see him right in front of us staring at my wife playing with his cock he said its a lot warmer down here do u mind if i join u well i said that would be fine so he layed the other side of dee i was taken aback when he was still playing with his cock and started to play with her nipple i was a bit aprehensive i was not sure what dee was thinking she never said anything so i let him carry on whithout saying anything he started to suck dees tits i was surprised to see dee was playing with his thick cock which she said later he had placed her hand onit but it was still exciting seeing her hand wrapped around it then he moved down to her pussy playing with her clit i played with her tits and kissed her w hispering are u alright she nodded as he then startet to put his finger into my wifes pussy moving it in and out then going in as far has he could get which she was not to keen of as she likes the more gentler touch then i noticed we had company somebody was watching i was not comfortable with this so i said we had better stop he said ill go back and cool off thanked us and thats the nearest we have come to my wife being enjoyeg by 2 guys it made us really excited in bed that night had fantastic sex this really happned