Written by Richie

15 Jul 2005

My wife and I just back from our beach vavation and as a result our sex life will never be the same. The first day at the beach we decided to lounge by the pool. My wife was wearing her normal modest bathing suit, but it still couldn't hide her nice ass and figure. As we were lying there I couldn't help but notice a nice looking black guy eyeing my wife, but that happens all the time, so I didn't think much of it. I went back to the hotel room for something and was gone about 30 minutes. When I came back I found the black guy in my chair rubbing oil on my wife's back and legs. He introduced himself and said he had seen my wife trying to get suntan lotion on her back and had come over to help out. I looked at my wife and she just smiled. Just before we got ready to leave, Jamie was getting out of the pool. I say my wife's glance at his crotch and when I followed her glance, it was obvious that Jamie was a well hung young man as the outline of his soft cock looked like mine when it is hard. No sooner had we got back to the room when my wife undressed and laid back on the bed and told me to fuck her. It didn't take me but a minute, as I was already worked up to have my cock buried and fucking her hard. While I was fucking her she asked me if I had noticed Jamie'c cock when he got out of the pool. When I told her I had and then I commented on how big it looked she shocked me when she asked if I thought her pussy could take a cock that size. I started fucking her harder and deeper as her pussy just seemed to open up. I asked her if she thought it would and she she would like to find out! With that we both started cumming. After we showered we jocked about our little fantasy and got ready to go out. We went to a dance bar and had just sit down when Jamier came over and asked my wife to dance. I watched them dance a few fast songs and then a slow number. It seemed Jamie was whispering in my wife's ear. After the dance my wife came over and told me that not only did Jamie's cock looks big, it felt big as he had rubbed it on her thigh as they danced. She confided that she was hot from feeling his cock and wanted to go back up to the room and have another fantasy fuck. I told her we would but that I needed to go to the bathroom first. I was taking a leek at the urnal when Jamie came up next to me and began taking a leak. I looked over and saw him pulling out the big cock that had my wife's pussy getting wet over. I went back and got my wife and as soon as we were in the room she stripped naked and told me to do the same and to sit on the bed while she sucked my cock. While she was sucking my cock she asked me if I had thought about seeing Jamie's black cock in her white pussy. This was just to much and I couldn't hold back and shoot my load as she swallowed it all. I stayed hard as she continued to suck my cock and kept asking me about fucking Jamie's cock and I said I would love to see him stretch her tight white pussy. She said are you sure? When I said yes a second time she got up and picked up the phone while rubbing her pussy and looking back at me. She then said, my husband wants to see your black cock stretch my white pussy. He must of been standing outside because as soon as she hung up there was a knock on the door. Jamie came in and my wife undressed him on the spot and when his cock was free got on her hands and knees and began sucking all of the cock she could get in her mouth. His hard cock was bigger and thicked that I could imagine and thought that it would never fit inside my wife's tight pussy. My wife stood up and took him by the cock and lead him to the bed. 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