Written by Cuple

9 May 2005

A Day at the Beach, an Evening with Friends

First you have to go back nearly 20yrs when I first met Sarah & Clare. Sarah turned into my wife; Clare into her Bridesmaid and in turn Sarah was Clare’s Matron of Honour at her wedding. Clare and her husband Ian then relocated ’up north’ and whilst we kept in contact we only really started to get to know each other again about 9 months ago when they moved back to Devon.

We were out one night down our local discussing whatever when the conversation came round to what were we doing at the weekend? Sarah said that as the weather forecast was so good for Saturday, we thought we might go to the beach. There was a slight pause before Clare said that sounded nice and could they come along. Sarah and I looked at each other for a second and said yes, we’d be delighted, but that the beach we normally went to was a naturist beach. Would they be okay with that? We said that they didn’t have to strip off, but we would be nude. After a bit of discussion they agreed to give it a go.

We met up early the next day, drove to the beach and walked up past the usual spot to were it was almost empty, figuring they’d would feel less exposed if there were fewer people around. Sarah & I quickly stripped off and put up the windbreak. Clare & Ian followed only to lay face down so nobody could see them. Ten minutes later when they realised nobody was staring, pointing and Ian didn’t have a raging hard on, they relaxed up and started to chat as though they’d been in the buff all the time. Two more converts!

It was only at this point could we get a good look at each other. Clare I know had small tits and generally lithe build, you can’t hide that no matter what you wear, but her nipples stuck out like organ stops and what pussy hair she had, matched her blonde head. Ian was a normal looking sort of guy, but his dick looked pretty small, maybe it was the cool breeze. I’m no Johnny Holmes, but it made mine look like a German Salami. Sarah has a fuller curvy figure, with a 38c bust and shaven pussy. I saw Ian giving her the once or twice over, whilst I caught Clare staring at my manhood on several occasions. They can’t have failed to have noticed that we were also giving them a good checking out.

As the day went on they eased further and it transpired that they had been tempted to go to a naturist beach whilst on holiday once, but didn’t go because they thought they’d stand out being so white and that ‘all nudists were was an excuse for a hotbed of sex and full of swingers’ Clare said. We all laughed and Sarah said jokingly we’ve never seen anything like that but it sounded like fun. Fancy spicing things up a bit then.

Conversation stops dead and we realise we’ve hit an open nerve. I start to change the conversation rapidly but am interrupted by Ian saying it was okay. They’d discussed having a more open relationship over the last few months, most likely soft same room fun, possibly swinging, but were obviously very nervous ,not sure about it and didn’t know how to take the first steps. Were we serious?

Now it was our turn for a pregnant pause. Sarah & I looked at each other, because we to had spoken at length about exactly the same. After what seemed like an age I swallowed hard and said why ‘Yes, why not. If your serious, so are we’. That broke the ice and soon the conversation flowed about what how we’d first thought about it, how far we’d go, where, when etc. We all felt comfortable with the idea of ‘same room / own partner’ action, and touching, possibly leading to oral swapping should be okay. Full blown swapping, we’d see how it went. We agreed that the beach wasn’t the right place, but to start things off we’d swap partners for the rest of the afternoon. No sex, just treat the new ‘partner’ as normal.

As soon as Clare came and lay by me and Sarah with Ian it was pretty obvious the touching was well within limits. It felt very strange having Clare lying in my arms being allowed to run my finger over her bust and nipples, and even more watching Sarah and Ian lying together discussing the more intimate details of our sex lives. However soon the excuse of needing to rub some sun cream in let us all have a more hands on experience. Ian & Sarah seemed to be enjoying the excuse to touch each other up, particularly Ian rubbing sun cream into a Sarah’s tits and shaven pussy. Clare also took good advantage of me, practically wanking me off before we stopped because it was to public. Now much to the amusement of the others, it was my turn to lay face turn to conceal my erection with Clare commenting that at least she now knows the equipment works!

Soon however it was time to go home. On the drive back we discussed what had gone on and everyone agreed that it had been quite an eye opener and a good bit of fun. Should we carry. “Yes” we all said. We dropped them of at their house and went home to get showered and changed having arranged to go back later that evening. This gave us a chance to talk things over ourselves and whist neither of us could deny we had our doubts and uncertainties, we agreed to take the next step.

8.00pm We nervously rolled up at their door. Would they have got cold feet, could we go through with it. Only one way to tell. Ding Dong.

As soon as they answered the door the answer was no, definitely no cold feet. Clare had her best party dress on, low cut with a lift ‘em up & push 'em together bra making the most of her assets. We went in, sat down and had a drink and started to chat like any other time we’ve been there. Soon we decided we need to break the ice again, so out came some cards and we began playing strip poker. I know it sounds tame, but it got things going, particularly when we upped the stakes to include a forfeit. However as each forfeit had to get more daring as the game went and as clothes shed the situation became much more ‘intimate’ as the forfeits got more raunchy.

I know that only a few hours ago we’d been naked on the beach, but watching your wife and another pretty young lady slowly strip off is far sexier. Pretty soon we were all just about starkers. Clare like Sarah was a Stockings & Suspenders girl, which we insisted remained on the moment.

The game continued and I was surprised how easily we crossed the line bearing in mind we’d never so much as flirted with another couple before. We fairly quickly progressed from a bit of kissing and fondling to licking & sucking. To be honest, we couldn’t keep our hands of each other. When Ian lost one particular hand, the forfeit Clare said was for Ian to lick Sarah’s pussy for 30seconds. I though Sarah might bail out when it came to something quite intimate. But no, she lay back on the settee, opened her legs and said to Ian, “Come on then. Lick my shaven cunt.” Clare looked at me and said, “That looks a good idea.” and before anyone could say anything she was lying next to Sarah, legs apart inviting me to bury my head between them. I knew at this point we were going to go the whole way. Eventually both girls drew equally bad hands and I thought right this is it.

We stood in front of our opposing wives, got them down on their knee’s and ordered them to suck our dicks. Clare went down and began to suck mine. I looked across at Sarah and she was doing the same to Ian, taking his full length deep into her mouth giving it her best.

We let them do this for a minute or two, then pulled out, turned the girls around round, pushed them down so there arse’s were in the air and knelt behind them. I looked at Ian, nodded and we simply slipped our dicks into their open pussies. No fanfares or fireworks, but I was fucking someone else for the first time in over 20 years. Sarah the first ever someone else. We were now wife-swappers. It was to late now if we still had any doubts.

Clare’s pussy was really quite tight and it took a few gentle lengths for her to feel comfortable. The quiet moans & groans from Sarah as Ian took her doggy style meant she too was enjoying the feeling of being fucked as Ian banged into her harder and harder.

After that things took on a life of there own and we swapped both partners and positions many times. I licked Clare’s pussy again savouring the taste before swapping over to a 69 making her come all over my face. Ian also made Sarah come with his tongue as she lay on her back, then holding her legs apart slammed his dick in as hard as it would go. I watched Sarah sucking Ian off whilst Clare rode on top of me. When Ian exploded in her mouth, watching her swallow made me shoot my load deep inside Clare.

Maybe because it was someone different / something new, but both Ian and I had more stamina than usual and the ‘recovery period’ was a lot less. It was like being in your teens again, experimenting what did and didn’t work. Two twosomes is easy, a foursome adds complication, but sure is fun.

At one point Sarah was on her knees sucking me off and Ian came round behind and began to fuck her. Feeling Sarah’s mouth being pushed forwards over you cock knowing that the movement was being caused by someone fucking her from behind is mind blowing. After a few minutes Ian withdrew and said did she want to go up a hole. Now I’ve tried to fuck Sarah up the arse on several occasions, but she always stops me saying it was to painful. Would Ian’s smaller dick do the trick, only one way to find out and she said yes. I sat back and cuddled up with Clare to watch as Ian got out the KY jelly, lubricated things up. Then slowly and very gently eased himself in. He waited for a few seconds and asked if that felt okay, then gently pressed forwards until his whole length was inside her. Her paused again then slowly began to fuck her arse.

I whispered to Clare did she take it up the bum very often. She said yes it was one of her and Ian’s favourites. So we moved side by side and I lubricated Clare. I then pushed my bell end into her puckered hole. She gave out a slight wince. I stayed still for a few seconds letting her get used to my dick and when she said okay pushed a bit further. Soon I was gently pumping away keeping in rhythm with Ian. Judging by the little pulses of please coming from Clare, she obviously was enjoying it and I recognised the signs from Sarah that everything was okay with her. I didn’t come up Clare’s arse, but Ian did up Sarah’s. Now there’s a sight I’ve never seen before.

Around midnight we were pretty much literally shagged out and pushing two beds together we all slept as one. Morning broke with the usual ‘rise to attention’ but this time I had two girls taking turns to suck my dick with Ian quietly watch enjoying the show. Eventually Sarah climbed on top of me and Clare on top of Ian. Both girls gently rocked back and forth enjoying the feeling of a dick buried up to the hilt. I wasn’t the same frenzy as last night, but a very sexy, sensual and erotic fuck. We didn’t quite manage a four way simultaneous orgasm, but it was fun trying.

Before breakfast we washed and brushed up and did one final thing. Shaved Clare’s pussy. Welcome to the smoothie club.

We drove home that morning feeling a little guilty, wondering if we’d either ruined or cemented our friendship with Clare & Ian, but with enormous smiles on our faces.

We discussed what we liked and didn’t and how to improve things, if there were a next time.

The next phone call was perhaps the hardest. We gave rang C&I up and asked them if they wanted to come round to our house that evening for a ‘drink’. The answer “yes, and perhaps a bit more” confirmed we’d remained friends.

We now swap with Clare & Ian every month or so. Sometimes it a full blown 4-way swap, sometimes it’s just a gentle bit of DIY. Sometimes we stay at home, and at other times we’ve booked into a hotel and are quite open and blatant about what were going to do. Seeing some peoples faces as they realise what we’re there for is wonderful fun.

We could swing them every weekend, but like to keep it for a special treats which allows us to go out just as friends. The rules are fairly simple. We don’t involve any else so we can remain condom free, it’s always as a foursome, and when were out together as friends, were just than. Two ordinary couples who just happen to get on very well together.