Written by Boot lover

19 Oct 2005

Late last year I was on my way home from a meeting that had ended earlier than expected. I was felling quite horny as usual and I was on the look out for some lady who might fancy a quick shag. I got off the bus close to where I live and decided to have a look at the local shoe shop it being winter they always have a nice selection of women's knee high leather boots and I love dreaming of fucking the ass off some slut dressed in a mini skirt and boots. I just love the way boots give a woman's legs that perfect look! Suddenly

I was aware that a woman in her early fifties had joined me in front of the shop window. She was well preserved and quite attractive, dressed in a long fur coat and what seemed like an expensive pair of Black leather boots although I couldn't see them too clearly as she was standing to my side.

So I moved around to try and get a better look at her. To my delight her coat was open and she was wearing a short black mini skirt. She was very sexy looking and obviously quite rich she probably hadn't had a cock to play with in ages. She had long blonde hair held up by with an ornate golden hairpin. She didn't take much notice of me and just seemed to look at the shoes. I am fairly shy and didn't dare talk to her. I just discreetly looked at her and imagined what it would be like to fuck her.

After a few minutes I decided to head off wishing I had a little more courage. I went a little further up the street to check out the local record store. It being Sunday the shop was closed and the street was quite empty, the woman in the fur coat started to walk up on the opposite side of the road and I discreetly watched as her beautiful booted legs appeared and disappeared inside her long coat. She looked so horny. She glanced across at me and walked on slowly to the women's lingerie shop and did some more window-shopping. She turned and looked across to record shop and seemed to be looking at me and I was wondering if she might be into a quick fuck?

So I decided to walk back towards the shoe shop and to my delight she started to walk back as well. So I decided to slowly walk on a little further and see if she would follow.

Every now and then I would glance back and check if she was still following, and she was! So I turned off the main street into a less commercial street and stopped in front of an estate agency and waited to see if she would turn off as well, she appeared at the top of the street and looked up towards where I was standing and slowly as if she wasn't quite sure what to do, she started to walk towards me.

At this point I decided I would try and make a contact. She came slowly towards where I was standing.

My pulse was racing, she looked so sexy in her black boots but I was still uncertain, was it a coincidence or not? As she arrived I asked her if she had a light? She smiled and without talking and took a lighter from her leather handbag.

She had beautiful Blue eyes and thickly made up lips. I placed a cigarette in my mouth and she lit the lighter and held her hand out for me to catch alight, so I cupped her hand to protect the flame. The contact of her skin had me really excited. She looked straight into my eyes and smiled. "Would you like to fuck"? I said. "I was hoping you would say that", she answered. "Would it be ok if my husband joined us later as I promised him I would give him a blow job if he let me fuck a young guy"? "No problem" I said, "As long as he's hetro"

"Do you have somewhere we could go"? I asked?" We could go back to my apartment but you will have to be very discreet, as I don't want the neighbours to spot us together". "That's fine by me", I answered. "So where do you live"? "Follow me at a safe distance" she answered; "I'll guide you there". "My apartment is on the second floor".

She walked off quietly and the heels of her boots made a lovely clicking sound as she headed down the street and took a right turn. I followed about twenty yards behind her watching her and hardly believing this was happening, about five minutes later she crossed the road and took a left turn into one of the most select residential areas in the city. Two minutes later she went into a beautiful apartment block with very delicate shrubs and bushes around its driveway. "This is it"! I thought as I opened the glass door that led into a marble walled hall. A few yards down the hall I pushed the button of the elevator, it arrived quite quickly and I entered in and pushed the second floor button, second's later I was ringing her doorbell. The door opened and I stepped into to her luxury apartment. I was standing in a long hall with mirrors lining the walls; at the end of the hall there was a mirrored door slightly open and I thought I saw someone hiding behind it. She closed the hall door behind me and walked up to one of the mirrors and started to put on some extra lipstick. She had taken off her fur coat and was wearing a beautiful sheer black top, which showed, up her gorgeous breasts. Over her black mini skirt she wore a large black leather belt with silver metal studs, that accentuated her slim figure to perfection and to top it all off, her lovely black leather boots with long heels. Her leather-clad legs, caught the light that shone in the hall, she looked like a dream.

She looked like a very expensive whore! I quickly slid off my coat and snuggled my aching cock against her beautifully rounded arse. She turned her head around so I could kiss her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it, tasting the sweetness of her breath. We embraced each other for a long time and I was running my prick up her arse and feeling her firm breasts, at the same time I was enjoying the view of her lovely booted legs and the fineness of the zip that ran from her knee down to her foot. The way that the creases of the boots shone in the light drove me wild.

I pulled her skirt up, and admired her beautiful booted legs she had lovely thighs. "Spank me", she whispered shyly, so I pushed her towards a wooden bureau and bent her over and slowly removed her silken knickers from her shapely muscular bum. She slipped her hand back and released my penis from its denim prison and as I gently spanked her ass she started to wank me." Go on give it to me hard" she said. So I pulled her hair back tightly and licked the back of her neck. "You're a horny little slut", I said. "Yes treat me like a whore, I want to be fucked like the bitch that I am".

Her scent was intoxicating me and I wanted to stick my prick into her tight cheeky ass. Instead I slipped my thumb into her juicy cunt and started to finger fuck her, she let out a low moan." Go on give it to me hard" she repeated, but I wanted to make her to cum before I fucked her.

I turned her onto her back and started to lick her clit. "Yes" she moaned as I licked her harder. After several minutes she was moving her arse in excitement as she had her first orgasm. I lifted my head and admired the view of her booted legs. I started to finger her juicy slit, my forefinger working away at her g spot as she started working on her clitoris. "You horny slut", I said." I'm going to rape you". That got her bucking like a horny eighteen year old; suddenly she started to cum in squirts, with each jab of my finger a jet of cum came squirting into my face.

"Now its my turn", I said, with her cum running from my hair and lips. I pulled her onto her knees. "I am going to fuck you so hard".

"No I've had enough," she protested. But I knew it was only role-playing. I spat on her ass hole and pushed the spit inside it to get it lubricated. I then let a blob of spit fall on my cock, and slipped a condom from my jeans pocket and ripped off its cover with my teeth. I quickly pulled it onto my cock and added more spit to her hole. I pulled her hair back raising her head towards me and forced a passage into her lubricated hole. "noooh, she protested, as my fingers went for her rock hard nipples. I started to pump her hard while looking at the mirror on the wall across from us. She looked really sexy with her dress pulled up around her hips and her boots wound tightly into the calves of her shapely legs, her top was pulled up to her shoulders my hands were kneading her breasts and now and then I applied pressure to her between my index finger and thumb. She squealed out loud and called me a dirty bastard as I slid out of her hole and straight into her cunt!

She stared into the mirrored door, straight into my eyes and placed her index finger into her open mouth and simulated a perfect blowjob! She pushed her arse against my balls in rhythm with her sucking mouth and rubbed spittle around her lips I pulled her head back and licked her lips dry. Then the mirrored door opened slowly and a small guy around sixty strolled out with his little cock in his hand." Suck me"! He ordered, she moved her head forward and took his cock right to the hilt into her slobbering mouth.

He held her by the hair as she pumped him vigorously at the same time I was fucking the bitch and my thighs were whacking her arse. She wrapped her arms around his arse so that she could take him deeply.

By this time we were all nearly off the Richter scale! And he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her face. I came next and shot my cum in packets over her arse and boots.

She just remained on her hands and knees and whimpered that she had never being fucked like that in her life.

It was getting late so I asked if I could use her shower, she asked if we could do it again some time? "Yes why not I replied, playing it all cool and the gang…