Written by Dave

25 Sep 2006

Sue and I went to a wedding in Bedford this week end and stayed in a hotel just off the main street . We arrived on Friday evening ready for early start on Saturday morning. When we arrived I noticed (as you do) four guys, who I now know to be German bikers touring the area, drinking in the corner of the reception area. I would say that they were aged between 35 – 40 and were well oiled. We sorted our clothes and then went for a walk around the centre and stopped of for a couple of drinks here and there. When we arrived back at the hotel there appeared to be a heated discussion between two of the German drinkers and the bar staff about the bill. As I speak a little German so I took it upon myself to act as interpreter and within a couple of minutes cleared up the miss understanding. The Germans were very grateful insisted we had a drink with them. All were well the worse for drink but not loutish – just having a good time. Kurt, the youngest of the group could speak a little English but the others not so good so we managed to find out what they were doing in England.

To cut a long story short we went to the wedding and arrived back at the hotel at about 10pm a little worse for ware but in good spirit. As we came into the reception area we saw Kurt sitting on his own reading a paper. We went over to him and he explained that he had over done it last night so he stayed at the hotel while the other three went drinking.

He said that we looked very smart but he paid a lot attention to Sue who was soaking up the complements. He asked if we wanted a drink but we declined but Sue said that she could murder a cup of tea but would have to go to our room. Kurt then said that he didn’t have tea in his room or he’d make her one.

Sue then said ‘Lets go to our room and I’ll make you a real English tea’.

When we got to the room we realised that there was only two cups so Kurt went to get a cup from his room.

Sue mentioned that Kurt was a very nice man. I said that Kurt would rather have something a little more wet than a cup of tea. Sue raised her eye brows as she does and then lifted her dress showing me her stockings, suspenders and a pair of black French knickers. Far better than a cup of tea I said.. I asked if she was game, ‘Mmm ‘ was her reply.

Kurt came back with his cup but the tea was left unmade.

Sue came over to me and we began to kiss, putting my arms around her I waved Kurt over to us and got him to stand behind Sue. I then told him to kiss the back of her neck. Sue was putty in our hands.

Kurt unzipped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders. After more kisses and a few groans her bra was undone. Kurt was on her neck and shoulders while I kissed her mouth and face. Kurts hands then came up and cupped her breasts. Sue lost it as he pulled at her nipples. I turned Sue around and Kurt filled his boots kissing her mouth and nipples. Sue was now trying to peeling off his shirt

I then pulled Sue towards the bed and she climped on followed by Kurt who was now only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a terrific hard.

Sue and Kurt lay on the bed together and started the foreplay.

Sue’s hands were in his shorts while his was pulling and her nipples as well as disappearing into her pants. Sue’s legs were wide open as his fingers worked their way up inside her.

After a short while the pants and shorts came off and Kurt climbed on top of Sue.

I watch from the bottom of the bed as Kurt slid into her. Sue gave out a muffled scream as she took his full length.

Needless to say Kurt did his duty for the Father Land and took Sue in various positions and even sat her on the television table.

It was great to watch him slide effortlessly in and out as she hung onto his tight cheeks

As Kurt took Sue from behind she sucked me fast and furious but needless to say it didn't me long to come.

I guess Kurt was in our room about two hours before he left Sue sore and swollen but she said it was worth it.

We didn’t see Kurt or his friends when we left but we did promise ourselves that we would do it again when we are away for the week end