Written by sarah123

25 Jan 2007

Another step forward for me,after my last report,I am sarah and have taken a one room bedsit in town without hubby knowing.I now dress in short micro mini skirts and really skimpy tops with a denim jacket and knee lenght boots with hold up stockings and love to flash as i walk around town,Oh it makes me so wet knowing guys are eyeing me up and would like to fuck me,i enjoy walking past building sites and flashing my ass and tits as i get wolf whistles.I love being a slut when i go to my secret bedsit.The other day i took a call from a business guy who wanted to see me and when he turned up there were three of them,They came in and for the next two hours i was fucked and spitroasted by them,they were at a cnference and had got my number from the local rag,they were all married and this turned me on even more,i took spunk in my mouth and up my pussy bareback as they had asked if i did sloppy seconds it felt incredible to be fucking these guys and feeling cum running out of me before the next took his turn two of the guys fucked my ass as well which felt really good as i have not had a lot of anal before,each guy came twice and the third guy came three times I had cum running out of my cunt and ass and i had taken a load down my throat as well.When they left i could see that they had left a lovebite on my tit,so i will have to hide this from hubby when i go back to my normal life.I love being a secret cock loving whore and i now have told hubby that i have a part time job in town doing accounts for a small firm just to keep me amused !!!!! he has said that he thinks its a good idea! If only he knew!!!!!