Written by Help Me

11 Jan 2007

Hi we ave a group of friends, we all get together for parties.

Me being a horny fucker have taken a my mates wife...... I know u don't dump on your own door step, so it been nothing more than a fantasy wank in the shower.

But over Christmas we had a party...... we had all been out round town and were pretty pissed.

We have got a hot tub....so it was back to ours and everyone got naked. Mrs C looked soooo hot with her shaven pussy and the biggest pointed nipples you ever saw.

There were 3 couples in the Hot tub, as it was my house i offered to get some more drinks....took the order and out i got.... not realizing my cock was rock hard.

O ne look at Mrs C.....and i knew. I quicky slipped a gown on and trugged along the path back to the house.

Within a minute Mrs C arrived ...she had come to help me carry the drinks back.

My cock was poking out of the gown like a chuffin lightsaber...lot smaller of course !

Mrs C joked about my cock......whats got u so hard !!!...well i had to tell her...those nipples of yours.

She pulled them out of her gown...these lil ol things...it was at that point i thought.....do or die....and madei move.

I slipped my hand up her gown and touched her pussy...it was soooo wet. She gasped as i fingered her.

she told me she needed to ride my cock......my cock went aching hard.

I just thought about her hubby or my wife walking in, then Mr hardon blotted my brain and i knew i had to fuck her.

I lifted her onto the kitchen counter and slipped my cock in her... she pulled herself onto me.....telling me to fck her hard and deep.

We fucked like animals wild and hard....didn't here he back door open her hubby came in.

We jumped apart as he came round the corner...his wife joked about me being the slowest barman in the world...but when i looked into his eyes i knew that he suspected we'd been shagging.

We have talked since, and her hubby is due to go back working away in scotland.......i feel such a shit...but i have got the curse o the furry purse.....what shall i do !!!