Written by A Scot.

16 Mar 2005

We are in our 50's now, but started swapping with friends back in our early 20's. I was in the army then and we had lots of close friends in Married Quarters, and most of the parties we had in each others houses turned into mini orgies. When I left the army we eventually met other couples and enjoyed sex with them too. Then one night an old friend from our army days was passing through our town and called in. He and his wife had split, but I knew Joan (my wife) fancied him, and had been fucked by him at many of our swapping sessions.

So began our first threesome. We had a couple of drinks and the air was electric with the sexual tension. Nothing was said sexually untill I lifted Joans skirt to her waist and asked Pete if he fancied some of this. Joan moaned "oh yes." Her arms were quickly around Petes neck and they kissed like they had been starved of each other. My cock was as hard as it had ever been as i knelt behind her and pulled her knickers to her feet. She stepped out of them

as I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

One of petes hands was under her top feeling her bare breasts. The other was on her bum pulling her into him.

I reached lower and started to finger her pussy. She was soaking. I could feel the outline of his hard cock on the back of my hand as i played with her clit. My cock jumped even harder. I wanted more than anything now to see his hard cock slide into her soaked cunt. They separated for just seconds as I pulled her top over her head, and pulled the skirt that was ruched around her waist to the floor. Her hands went for his belt at the same time I feverishly stripped off my own clothes.

Soon we were back in the same positions as before but now we were all naked. My cock was rubbing against Joan's bum and the back of Petes hand which was still pulling her tight against him, and his cock was rubbing against the back of my hand and her very wet pussy. We were all as horny as three people can be.

I suggested we adjourn to the bedroom so we scrambled upstairsand onto the bed. Joan was between us and we covered her with kisses and groped her breasts and pussy often touching each others hands as we went for the same spot at the same time. I said, "let me see you suck him, darling," and in seconds she was kneeling over him, her pussy inches from his face, and his cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. I moved so that i could see better. His cock looked huge in her mouth. I was wanking as i watched. God it was hot! I moved again so that i could see her pussy. Pete was licking her. Concentrating on her clit, but every now and again licking the length of her slit. Joan was moaning. She was loving it. I pulled at them so they moved around the bed a bit leaving me enough room to get behind Joan and slide my cock into her soaking cunt. This was even hotter than swapping. We were both sharing my wife! As i slowly fucked her pussy, Pete put his hands on the back of my thighs and pulled to give us all some leverage. I got so excited as I thought about what was happening that my cock left her pussy. As it did one of Petes hands left my thigh and took hold of my cock and guided it back in to its rightful place.

I don't know if it was the horniness of the whole situation, or because Pete had held my cock, but no sooner than I was back in her pussy than my cock erupted, spewing spunk into her cunt making it wetter than ever. He continued licking and slurping at her pussy until Joan too came like a train, bucking and heaving. She quickly climbed off him, lay on her back, pulling him with her, saying over and over again to be quick quick, fuck me fuck me. She was as hot as I had ever seen her. He was thrusting at her, she was thrusting at him. They were almost eating each others faces. She was licking my come from Petes face, and "my god, I was still hard." I was still hard watching my friend fuck my wife. I knew this had to happen again. And it did many times. Not always with Pete either.

The story about our "dogging experience" will have to wait till another time now, as I had not meant to go so deeply into how we started in threesomes. I hope at least some of you will be turned on by this true story, and that some of you will be able to relate to it.