Written by Drkl

12 Apr 2005

Sorry for the long post, but this is the most intense thing I have ever had happen and I remember it all as if it were yesterday, even though this happened almost ten years ago. This really happened. I got married very young. My wife had been with one guy before we married and I with only one girl. But even though we were inexperienced before marriage, we did everything together and had sex quite often during our marriage.

When I was in my 20's, one of my wife's friends was getting married. I knew the groom and so the couple asked us if we would be a groomsman and a bridesmaid. We agreed. Prior to the wedding, we came to town - I stayed with the groom and my wife stayed with the bride at her parents house. The bachelor party was pretty wild and the groom got completely drunk, so I drove him home and threw him in bed. A short while later, the front door burst open and about five girls came crashing in. It was the girls arriving home from their bachelorette party. (One of the other girls drove them here instead of the bride's parent's house for some reason.)

Most of these girls were very beautiful. My wife is a very sexy woman, about 5'5" and sandy blond with large breasts. The Bride is about the same height, a few years younger, the same height and slighter build, with platinum blonde hair. The other girls were quite beautiful too and they were all a bit drunk. The girls were still drinking and they turned on some music and took turns dancing with each other and having fun. They all looked so hot dancing very sexy with each other that I got completely hard. I was able to hide it by sitting real still on the couch just watching, but my wife came over and sat on my lap. She felt my bulge and looked at me with an evil grin. From that point she made every attempt to dance as sexy as she could with any girl she could. The dancing was pretty erotic, but seemed innocent. (I don't know if any of the girls had ever been with another woman, my wife had not been.)

Eventually the other girls (other than my wife and the Bride)all left. Those two continued dancing and swaying for a while in the living room. They were talking as they danced and seemed a bit angry. The girls were upset because the strippers had not shown up to their party. They said they wanted to see some men and so they popped a porno in the video player. They sat on the floor with their backs against the couch, arms draped lazily over each others shoulders, cheeks together. They had their hands on each other and were unconsciously petting and rubbing each other. It was all really innocent but was a hotter sight to me than the porno!

After a few scenes, my wife said "Hey! We got a man who can strip for us, right here!" My wife ordered me onto my feet and told me to strip. Bride just giggled a little, but turned red when I got to my feet. Wife leaned over and kissed Bride on the ear and whispered something to her as I started dancing (pretty clumsily) to the beat of the porno, which was still playing on the TV behind me.

I am about 5'10" and pretty well built, so I like to imaging that the girls were getting turned on. Their eyes were locked on me as I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the floor, but their hands were groping each others breasts and crotches. My wife put out her hand and grabbed my belt loop, pulling me to about a foot away from the girls upturned faces. She began unbuttoning my pants and four hands began pulling them down over my hips. My cock popped free of my pants and stood almost completely erect. Bride sucked in a little wind as my wife grabbed the shaft of my cock and pre-cum dripped out of the tip. My dick is about 10" long and almost as thick as my wife's wrist. I gather from Bride's reaction that her husband to be was not that big.

Anyhow, my wife wrapped her arms around me and pulled the entire length of my cock into her throat. Bride's cheek was now touching my wife's and her breathing was raspy. I looked down and she was mindlessly touching her crotch as my wife withdrew the entire length of my cock from her mouth. It stood glistening and bobbing in front of Bride for a second when she flicked her tongue out and licked the dripping cum/saliva from the end of it. My wife grabbed my cock again and pushed the head into Bride's mouth. Bride hesitated but gave my cock-head a nice sucking while my wife licked the shaft a bit.

At this point, Bride turned bright red and leaned back against the couch. She slid down between my legs and called out for groom. As she crawled away over the carpet to her bedroom, I got a great look up her skirt and saw one side of her panties stuck up her ass. "That was unexpected," I said to my wife. My wife giggled and said, "I was wondering if she would go farther" and then started sucking me again.

A minute later, I had my hands on my hips and eyes half closed as my wife sucked and stroked me, her left hand rubbing her pussy, when I felt some arms wrap around me from the rear and lips brushing my back and neck. "I was wondering if you would come back," said my wife. The girls stripped me out of my pants and I sat back on the couch. My wife then got on her knees and continued sucking me as Bride undressed her and then, when my wife was completely naked, they switched positions. Bride sucked me, but she was in no way as good as my wife was. But having another woman sucking on me was quite a thrill.

When the girls were completely naked, my wife pulled Bride onto the floor in the middle of the living room. The two gently kissed while my wife masturbated Bride. Bride had an orgasm and then flopped back on the carpet. My wife then pulled me down onto her and I began fucking my wife with long, slow strokes, just the way she likes. Her pussy was so wet that I was wondering if she could even come. About that time, Bride had recovered and lay on her side watching us fuck. She had one arm draped over my lower back and with the other caressed my wife's hair and face. The kissed softly a few times while I slowly ground into her soft pussy. Bride then kissed me and, as I continued to dive deeply into my wife's pussy, Bride and I kissed, long and wet. My wife's eyes rolled back slightly as she began to orgasm and Bride quickly began kissing my wife as she gasped quietly.

When my wife's orgasm had completely subsided, I realized that I had been slowly coming as well, and now I was mostly limp. Bride lay back and spread her legs and put both hands behind her head. She was so sexy and looked so relaxed that I regained my full erection almost instantly. I moved off my wife and lay softly on top of Bride, my cock pressed between her and me. We kissed and Bride began moving her hips up and down, so that her pussy slit slid along the shaft of my cock. I could feel her push down far enough so that her clit rubbed the ridge of my cock head. She would moan slightly when that happened. After about a minute, I pulled back and put the head of my cock into her pussy. Although she was very wet, my head was squeezed hard as I pushed it into her, and I almost began coming. I held off though and was able to push about five inches into her. She gasped (I am very thick) and pushed her hands against my hips, stopping me. We stayed that way for a short while and I could feel my cock throbbing inside her, and her heart beating through the walls of her pussy. I thought I was going to come right then.

After a little while Bride took her hands off me and I began stroking very slowly and easily, in and out of her until I had about eight inches into her. I was really aching to get all the way into her, but the base of my cock is the thickest and I wanted to really enjoy this. Each time I had to stop, I looked over at my wife and we would kiss and nuzzle each other.

After nearly five minutes (it seemed like five hours) of fucking Bride in agonizingly slow motion I finally pressed my hips all the way together with Bride. I could feel her trembling all the way through her body and her clit was swollen and felt like a lump between us. This was an ordeal that my wife and I don't have, but by the time this all happened we had been having sex for five years and so we were pretty used to one another. Bride, on the other hand still had her head arched back a little and bit her lip. My wife leaned over and asked if she was hurting and Bride nodded and said, "Just a bit. But I don't want him to stop yet." My wife nodded and kissed Bride softly. "I can feel him all the way through me." Bride said. My wife didn't answer and I could see she was stroking her pussy again, diving three fingers deep into herself.

I started to begin really fucking Bride now, in long slow strokes like my wife enjoys. I pull my hips so far back that the tip of my cock just barely parts my wife's pussy and then I push slowly all the way back in. My wife has multiple orgasms this way and I can usually hold off for a long time this way. Anyhow, this is how I fucked Bride for the next ten minutes. My wife was getting frustrated, because she could get herself off and so I pulled her over by Brides head and began licking and sucking her clit. Bride opened her eyes and breathed deep. She then rolled her head to the side and began trying to flick her tongue onto my wife's pussy, which was just out of reach. My wife looked down and saw what was going on, and rolled over and straddled Bride's face. Bride then began sucking and licking with her hands on my wife's ass until my wife came again and rolled off onto the carpet.

I lay fully on top of Bride now and began licking the pussy juices off her mouth and we kissed long and deep as we fucked. Bride pulled her legs back as I drove harder and harder into her and then she began bucking and coming.

I was unable to cum yet, after all the sex and partially coming in my wife and so I lay back with a slight stitch in my side. I spooned my wife and Bride spooned behind me, with her hand still slowly stroking my cock. She began playfully pushing it into my wife's ass. (I think she was just joking, but wife and I do like anal.) When I felt the head pushed against my wife sphincter, I pushed it in a few inches and began fucking gently. Bride seemed shocked and got up slightly to watch , and put her fingers right up on where my cock was sticking into my wife, rubbing her sphincter. "Do you like that?" She asked. My wife nodded and grunted a little. Bride leaned over the couch and said, "Let me try." I got up and walked behind her. Anal is not for everyone, so I was very easy, but I could tell right away that I was not going to get into Bride without some pain. She was willing, but just too tense. I tried a few times, my wife licked her and then pushed her fingers in, which Bride liked, but my cock is much larger than a finger.

After a few minutes of ass play, I put my cock back into Bride's pussy as she was bent over the couch, and began to give her a vigorous humping. I fucked her as she yelped a bit and pulled out as I had a massive orgasm. I came all over Bride's pussy and ass, and as I turned it sprayed on her back and right leg. My wife, who had been lounging against the couch next to us as we fucked, took my cock into her mouth and I erupted again in another massive convulsion. I don't think I have ever come that much or that hard! The girls got dressed and went over the Bride's parents house. My wife smiled and waved at me as she walked out the door.

And that was it. Bride and Groom got married, and we see each other very infrequently. I don't know if Bride ever told anyone, but she never mentioned it to me or my wife again. I have never had another girl as tight as Bride and my wife has never talked about having another girl eat her pussy. But, who knows. . .