Written by delighted hubby

29 Aug 2006

I never thought I will beg for karn to fuck my wife .

You see we lived in Newcastle for four years and My wife had to return to India due to some family reasons.

We were limited to only internet sex and I ended up shooting up my load. After couple of months my wife Kiran refused to co operate saying you can always come and not me I need something in my cunt . I told to buy vibrarator . She said too risky .I said okay i will give a parcel to Karn who is stopping in london for a day . She said pack up nicely so that he will not know . I said okay .

Next day I gave parcel to Karn and told him as soon as you reach Bombay give it my wife Kiran .

NExt part told by kiran for continety.

Karn landed up in bomaby at midnight . He took taxi to my home did not go his home . I was on internet having sex with kiran and she was naked and I was about to come . She said hold on when is my vibrator , I need to make me come . I stopped moving my cock and said I have given to Karn he will be there tommorow or day two to deliver . Kiran said I wish he was here today . Then the Bell rang . Kiran said dont go away may be karn is there I will get my vibrator and we will continue. She picked up see through nighty and open the door . OH my my Karn was there , Kiran welcomed him and give him tight hug and said where is my parcel .

Karn said what the hurry . I have something better then your hubby gave it for you .

Kiran said what that .

Karn moved in and closed the door behind and told kiran to close her eyes . He opened her bag and removed my parcel which was open and he was holding cock shaped dildo in his hand . Next second his cloths were off and he was naked.

His cock was hard and big about 9 inchs bigger then my 6 inches and bigger then dildo .

Kiran opened her eyes and her eyes were wide . She slipped her night and took karns cock in her hand and looked and camera said , I want the real thing , can karn fuck me .

My own cock was rock hard , i was rather enjoying it . I said yes yes yes.

Karn said - no my dear kirans husband you have to beg for it . Kiran wants my cock badly , i will fuck only if beg it .

Kiran said - yes anu beg it beg it .

I went on all fours and begged it real hard - karn i beg of you please fuck kiran , fuck my wife she needs a real cock , real mens cock , i beg it on all fours.

THe he went ahead and fucked her real hard for next hour .

Now karn fucks her everyday and as i beg it and wank myself