Written by Donna

8 May 2006

My Hubby and i invited my sister and her hubby over for the evening as it was warm, we had some wine ect on the patio until it started to get chilly so hubby and my sister went indoors while i packed up the chairs,my sisters hubby gave me hand he said were do these go i said follow me we went round to the garage and we put them in the roof space,nick then stroked my leg acidentally which sparked off my lust so i pushed him against the wall and got his cock out and went down on him,he said what if the other two come round i said bollocks to them my hubby is useless,with that i hitched my skirt up pulled my thong to one side bent over and said fuck me,He went straight in and pumped me hard for about 30 strokes then he shot his load up me as he pulled out a goblet of spunk hit the floor as i pulled my thong into place and straightend up Nick went round to the house just as my sister came out to see where we were.Little did she know i had her hubbys cum in my cunt it was wet and felt so horny as i joined them in the lounge.I kept giving nick sly flashes of my wet gusset as we talked until they went home.Hubby went to bed as i lay next to him with another guys cum in me.Hubbys is such a wimp and i enjoy fucking anyone behind his back as i am such a dirty slut.