Written by Julie

19 Jan 2007

Being a mistress is fantastic - you get all the best bits of the man (including his full load of warm salty come) and you don't get the worst bits.

It all started when I was in the shower at our company gym. He works in the maintenance department and it just so happens that the boiler is housed in the ladies changing room. I must admit i was suprised to see him but I had just been in the shower and I was fingering my soaped up pussy so I was already in the mood. We both knew what we wanted - the tension had been building for a while and the bulge in his jeans gave it away. He pushed me against the wall and we kissed. I set free his hard swollen cock from his jeans and I dropped to my knees and sucked his leaking bell end. He pushed me inside a cubicle and locked the door. He forcefully bent me over, moved my knickers to one side and entered me hard and fast, he moaned how tight and wet I was as he exploded inside me.

After he had gone I packed up my gym bag and went back to my office. I remember being in a meeting that afternoon with my boss with warm come running down my legs. I'm sure everyone could tell I'd just been fucked. All afternoon I loved the warm wet feeling in my knickers, it reminded me of what I'd done.

Since that day we have fucked at every opportunity. He ruined my favourite pair of boots when come ran down my legs and stained them. He always makes sure he had a full load for me.

Tonight he fucked me in a car park by the river. I climbed in his bmw, he came over to the passenger side. He took out his hard cock and without uttering a word he fucked me. We don't care who watches. I just need his cock pounding my pussy. I love being his diry slut. I'm sat here now with knickers stained with his come.

I recommend getting a fuck buddy in work - it so much more interesting.