Written by Sam

3 Jun 2004

During the 80's when i was in my late teens, i lived a

somewhat hedonistic lifestyle and saw myself as very much

the archytipal femenist,dressing in jeans and army surplus

clothes and the like.Smoking dope and generally being silly

and irresponsible where the flip side to my rather pompous

attitudes at the time,pompous attitudes i now realise made

any boyfriends i had in those days run a mile,after all i'm

sure most men don't like being berated as being rapists merely

for finding females attractive.

Anyhow when i was nineteen, i managed to get myself evicted from

my rented flat for not paying the rent, and i was desperate to say

the least for somewhere to stay, it was then when a student friend

of mine suggested i call an elderley relation of hers who had a large

house and had provided accomodation for other friends of hers, only thing

was he was a man of 66, rather old fashioned and not at all 'right on' or

'politically correct'. But i was desperate.

Charles was a kindly bald headed old chap, but i felt uneasy at first with

him, intelligent and worldly, he was able to make a nonsense of my 'extreme

beliefs' and 'attitudes', i also sensed a slightly over bearing manner and

felt that perhaps Charles had the potential to be a lecher!

Beneath my baggy clothes i possesed quite a shapely teenage

body, and my big backside was a source of great chagrin to

me, i kept my hair cropped very short with a little tail

at the back, and generally hated the idea of being leched

by male chauvenist pigs.

To make matters worse old Charles suggested i be his 'housekeeper'

and in return i would have free lodgings, arrgh! now i was to be

his house maid, skivvying around and cleaning up after him,but i

needed all the money i could save, so i did it.

It was two months later when i got busted for possesion of

pot and the police had called at Charles home, that i really

saw a new side to him.

He was furious, berating me for my stupidity and irresponsibility.

Charles hated drugs and considered smoking pot as an extremely

bad thing to do, he was going to throw me out, i begged him no,

and then he dropped his bombshell!

'You can stay but from now on i will be keeping a close eye

on you and i will punish you myself for any misbehaviour

and by that young lady i mean i'm going to spank that bottom

of yours!'

The words ring in my ears till this day, i could say nothing,

i wanted to call him a dirty old man and a pervert but the words

would not come.

Oh the shame of taking off my jeans and knowing he was

watching, looking at my rear end in my too small knickers

that couldn't keep my embarrasingly big bum covered, i heard

him give a little whistle through his teeth, what a bastard!

I had to touch my toes and i was given 20 hard spanks on

my buttocks, but disturbingly i enjoyed it in a weird way.

Afterwards things returned to normal, but more and more i

was becoming a very different person to the stroppy girl

who first arrived at Charles home, from time to time as

i did my chores, Charles would gently pat by bottom if he

caught me bending, bringing back memories of how he had manfully

disciplined me for my naughtiness on that occasion before.

I was used to bossing male friends around and yet my caring

new guardian i allowed to fondle me and more.

I eventually allowed Charles to have his way with me, i remember

the first time in his room, his big manly strong hands,

the white hair on his chest like a polar bear, his large

menacingly erect penis.I was going out with some poor schmuck

called Rob at the time, his penis was puny compared to Charles

whopper, if only he could have seen his feminist firebrand

of a girlfriend sucking the male chauvenist Charles big fat cock!

I soon found myself taking Charles big tool regually and

i estimate he must have fucked me over a hundred times during

my stay, even my bottom did not stay off limits and i was

frequently fucked up my too small too tight little bumhole

the perv loved it.

That was then and i've changed believe me.