Written by sammy

27 Jan 2005

i want to tell you about this true story of mine i clean this old guys house every friday i go round there and clean his house in summer i also do the garden well last friday i went round as normal for some reason or not i was feeling alittle horny the guy was up and about just potting about and i asked him if he wanted me to clean the upstairs and the stairs he said just the stairs will do so there i was on my hands and knees cleaning down the stairs when he came up behind me and just started to feel my arse and telling me what a lovely arse that i had got i was abit shocked on what he had just done but also i felt very turn on at the same time and was hoping that he would do it again which he didt not till the lunch time came around i went into him and said that i had done for the day he said would you like to stay and have abit of lunch with me i said why not so i sat at the table then he came and sat next to me and started to feel up and down my legs i was wearing stockings at the time not saying anything he then moved open my legs just abit then he said i have got lovely long legs and that he loves stockings and asked me if i would show him the colour of my thong which i thought what a turn on so i stood up and pulled up my shirt to show him my white thong you could tell he loved what he saw then he placed a finger on my pussie and began to rub me up and down and asked is that nice i was loving it i said oh yes i like it then he asked me if i would take off my thong and go and bend over the stairs as if im still cleaning them i said that i would do it so i took offmy thong as i did he was smelling it then i went over to the stairs like he asked me to then i felt his hand go up my skirt and finger my pussie which by now i was wet pushing his fingers right in i was gripping the edge of the stairs moaning then i felt him pull out his finger and suck on them then he got on his knees and pulled my skirt right up so that my wet pussie and arse was on show then he was licking my arse and then felt his tongue go right in my wetpussie i let out a moan then he was licking and biting on my clit till i had cum i had soaked his face then he told me to knee down on the stairs and take his cock out which by this time was very hard i did as he said and then i just couldt help myself it was huge and i had to have it in my mouth as im sucking on him he was moaning and telling me to suck on him harder and was calling me some dirty names like take it down my bitch the more names that he called me the harder i was sucking on him i knew he was about to cum and i wanted him in my wet pussie so i turned around and he fucked me hard and fast up my pussie then took it out and pushed it up my arse im very tight up there never had cock up my arse before he almost cum he said that i have such a tight arse and he fucked my tight arse till he cum then pulled it out and then he pushed it into my face and rubbed his spunked up cock over my face i cant wait for fridays now i get my pay pkt and also a fuck he loves me to wash up while hes got his tongue and fingers in my arse and pussie at the same time then takes me from the behind over the kitchen table or the kitchen side not bad for a 60 yold and im just 19 !