Written by Mark

3 Feb 2007

When I was younger I had a girlfriend who was a few years older than me and much more experienced than me sexually. She taught me all kind of wonderful things, but I’d often let her down by coming too soon. She was pretty good at then bringing me back to life with her great oral skills, but one day it did become clear she was getting a bit fed up.

She had a nice secluded patio, and when I came round that day she was sunbathing naked there, oiled up and had her vibrator just too her side, smeared and obviously recently used. It would be hard to imagine a sexier site. We kissed, and then she told me to strip off and lie on her lounger while she got something. She came back with two things: a clock and two-pairs of hand-cuffs. Saying nothing, she cuffed my hands and feet, stood back to admire her work while she took a large drink of water.

She proceeded to give me the beginnings of one of her top quality blow jobs, but shortly backed off, too drink more water. “Mark,” she said, “today you’re going to begin some training”. I looked hopeful. “I told some of my girlfriends how pissed off your little problem was making me.” I obviously looked very hurt, because she changed her tone. “I’m not pissed off with you, my love; just that it happens. But it still needs sorting. And being pissed off did give us the idea of a solution. It’s now five past. If you come before quarter past I’m going to move up to your mouth and pee in it. And I’ve drunk lots this afternoon, so it’ll be quite a bit, I’m afraid. But it will be mainly water, so hopefully it won’t be too gross for you. Non-negotiable, by the way” and she shook my cuffs for emphasis.

I really didn’t know what to make of this. I’d never even thought of any kind of pee play. I didn’t want a mouth full of piss, but I wasn’t completely grossed out. She started to blow me, and then fuck me. Frankly, she knew how to make me come any second she wanted, and despite my genuine efforts I didn’t last till quarter past. She didn’t look in the slightest bit disappointed. She moved up to straddle me, and said “open up”. When I didn’t, she stroked my face lovingly, then incredibly gently held my nostrils and just said “Please?” I’m sure I could have stopped her, but I just quietly opened; and so did she. She seemed to go for ever, and the only bit I really didn’t like was when a bit went up my nose. When she’d finished she ground her clit into my mouth and pretty smartly had a really good cum.

She continued training me for sometime. It was apparent from the start that she enjoyed making me fail, but it did serve the purpose – I always tried to get close to her target (which gradually rose, until I learned full control). However, I would often quite deliberately fail just before time. After a while pee play faded and became an occasional special, to be replaced by newer and kinkier things. But I still love a mouthful now and again. Try it and see!