Written by Trac

25 Sep 2006

I am 38 years old, very highly sexed in a very open married relationship with a guy who encourages me to have sex with other guys. I am still attractive size 10 36c2435, long legs and smooth. This event happened recently. I went to spend a night with my best friend and her husband, they had invited me for dinner as my husband mike was away. They suggested I stayed the night and that way could have a drink. I had always fancied pete, particular interest as Sally had told me about his 10" cock. Sally and paul are the same age as me. The evening went well, witgh suggestive jokes, the odd grope from paul, and lots to drink, at about 11pm we were sitting watching the TV and sally decided that she had enough booze and went to bed paul followed to make sure she was ok, and came back a few minutes later saying she was spark out. He suggested we watch the pron channel, and he sat with his arm round me on the sette, his hand slowly groping my tits and I noticed he was hard, i storked him, and he responded by put his hand up my skirt and found that i was knickerless and smooth, he lent over and kissed me. By now i had his cock out and went down on his very impressive cock and sucked him hard he was fingering me, telling me i sucked like a whore and shot his cum down my throat i love swallowing cum. Then i suck him hard agin and he ook me on the floor and fucked me, he later turned me over and had me doggy style and also fucked my arse, when we had finished he told me he had alsways wanted to fuck me knowing I would fuck like a slut, and that he would knock in the morning when sally had gone out. About 8.30am he knocked at my door, opened it and said come on bitch come into my bed, and we spent thre hours fucking each other he was very powerful and dominant, fucking both holes and my face bareback.

Since then he has been around to my place a few times. I told my hsuband who was really pleased, but a well kept secret from sally.

Love to know what you felt about my event, let me know.