Written by maggie

18 Mar 2004

i was staying with my best friend Sue and her husband paul, we were having an afternoon drink I was feeling tipsy and we started to talk about sex and sue said that she had shaved recently and paul loved it, and i told them that i always shaved it felt so good. Sue went to the lo, and paul said show me then s i lifted my skirt and showed him, he put his index finger inside me, i was quite socked but it did feel good and i had had a lot to drink, he pulled out before sue came down. About half an hour later sue had to go and pick her mother up from the station and take her to her home, she would be about two hours she said, whe sshe went i went into the kitchen to get another glass of wine, and as I was pouring myself a glass paul came behind me and pressed himself aganst me, a hand went iside my top and groped my tits and the other went up my skirt, and he licked my neck, he said you want to be fucked by me don' t you, you are dripping wet and gagging for my cock, do you feel my hard 9" cock against you? I was moaning and said yes i do, pleas. He was fingering me to a climax by now and I came very quickly. He turned me round and kissed me and forced me to my knees and I unzipped him and his massive cock came out, sue had often told me he was big, and he was fucking huge, I started to suck him off, and he held my hair and face fucked me almost gagging me at times, he swelled and came down my throat and I drink as much as I could but some dripped out of my mouth. He stood me up and took me into the sitting room, where he stripped me and bent me over licked both holes and i then felt a pain on my ass as he began beltinbg me with his leather belt, it was good and horny but hurt too, then I felt him enter my cunt doggy and fucked me hard and furiiously, he was pulling my hair telling me what a slut and whore i was and that he always knew i wanted to fuck him, he was going to fuck me better than my husband, cos he was a real man and knew how to treat bitches like me, he was a much better fuck tha my husband and i told him, i was sceaming to b fucked hard and he did, his finger was inside my arse by now and he pulled out and entered my arse and fucked me there before he cam, I was turned over and made to clean him up, and then he was hard again and fucked me on top, later he took me to his bedroom and fucked me on their bed, which seemed to turn him on even more, atferwards we washed and dressed, I sucked him off again on the settee before saue came home, he arranged to meet me at a carpark on the sunday when i left their house in the mroning and fucked me in his car. Now whenever I go to stay he makes sure he fucks me, he thinks i am a slut and treats me as he fucks me with no respect and abuses me as he fucks me, but i love it that way, and he is a great fuck.