Written by Dave & Elaine

2 Nov 2004

I had been asked to be best man for a mate of mine,what he did not know and still does not know is that i have been fucking his girl for the past 6months,I even shagged her on her hen night,It started back in the summer when we all had a bar-b-q,steve my mate got really drunk and upset elaine im single and was just a shoulder to cry on for elaine as Steve went home early feeling pissed and angry.When the barby finished i offered elaine a lift home,on the way she was telling me what a prick steve was being.We decided to stop in a carpark for a chat and to get some air,We were getting close and elaine pulled me to her as we sat at the picnic table we started to kiss and i was feeling her tits as she rubbed my cock through my shorts, in no time we were laid across the table i had been licking her outwhen she said Oh fuck we have an audience,i said shall we stop she said no i want you to fuck me! I went straight up her and humped her hard and long.when i looked round there was a group of about 8 guys watching they got real close and a couple had there cocks out wanking.Elaine said come closer and started to suck and wank the extra cocks this made me shoot my load, i pulled out and my spunk made a plop sound as it run down her arse cheeks she said whos next and without saying anything the next guy went straight up her fucking another load into her by now it was a free for all Elaine just laid there and let all eight guys fuck her bareback i had recovered by then and went into her swollen wet spunky cunt it was heaven and shot a second load into her i then helped her dress and when i dropped her off she said Dave please do not tell steve but i want to do it again.That was 6 months ago and i have been fucking her ever since behind my mates back like i said they were married at the weekend and i fucked her on her wedding day twice as well,I meet her when she went out to get her hair done she stopped at my place on the way back and i fucked her cunt and ass also had a guy we meet dogging there as well to fuck a load into her,and when she was at the altar with her steve it was such a turn on knowing she had my spunk filling her gusset of her thong,at the reception we also managed to get a bit of time together when i took her back to the house for her to collect some wedding gifts to take to the reception i fucked her on the bed and on the stairs.I know i am a cunt for doing it to my mate but she is gagging for exciting sex all the time and i supply it.