Written by carl

20 Apr 2006

this happen to me last friday,beenout all nite with my best friend all night went back to his flat had another beer and started to watch porn when i noticed my mate had his cock out and was starting to wank it, i found i could not take my eyes of him, he saw me looking at him and said did i fancy doing it for him,not doing this before i found i just put my hand on it and started to wank him off at this point i had a big hard on myself no sooner had we started we were both naked and he was wanking my shaved cock i then went down on him placed my first cock in my mouth it tasted relly salty but nice didnt take long for him to come in my mouth which i tryed to swallow,taking most of it before spiting the rest out , he then went down on to return the faveor he then went to my hole started to lick me get we really wet, this really turned me on he then placed a finger or two in my hole and was fucking me like mad it felt quit sore but good at the same time he turned me over and asked if he could fuck me by this time he could do what ever he wanted to pulling his forskin back and placing it at the entrance he pushed to get the tip in then all 6" just seem to follow he was say he had hoped for this for a long time,i was in heaven by now and just told him to fuck me which he did while he was fuck my arse i shoot spuck all over the place before he pulled out and came all over my arse cheeks . Now i cant wait till the next time we go out says he will bring his other mate that has 8" tell you about that next time.