Written by Oliver

10 Aug 2004

The had always been a chemistry between my best mate’s wife and me. It was only a flirty chemistry, we weren’t so drawn to each other to take it any further. There was a standing joke between us because she sunbathed topless in the garden but was shielded from the view from our house by the garage. Whenever I said I’d missed out again she always said you’ve missed nothing since she’d had the kids they’d gone floppy and before long they’d reach her knees. But I would still like to have had a peep.

One summer day I was backing the car out when she came out of the house weighed down like a pack donkey. “Where are you going ?”

“To the beach, well the sand hills, actually. I‘m catching the bus.”

As she still had quite a walk at the other end I offered to drop her off because it would not take me much out of my way. As you can imagine there was the usual flirty banter as we drove with me suggesting that she was going topless and she admitted she probably would. I dropped her of and watched her wend her way up the path and disappear round the side of the tallest sand dunes.

My meetings went rather well and I found myself back home by 3 o’clock and at a loose end. The laughing and joking with Dianne had started me feeling horny and the thought of her topless somewhere in the dunes became too much for me. I changed out of my business suite and set off to see if I could find her. I really didn’t think beyond what was a mate’s prank.

I was soon following the path I saw her take, but was on the point of giving up when I saw a sight that I can only describe as cock hardening. She was there, and she was topless, but she was in the arms of another woman! They were kissing and fondling and totally oblivious to anybody else.

“You’ve got to go.” I heard Dianne say.

“I know, but I want to do it all again!” said the other woman who I now recognised as another of our neighbours. It became obvious that I had missed the main action, they had started dressing but paused for a short encore. Our neighbour dressed and left not seeing me. Trying to seem nonchalant I wandered over the path and bumped into Dianne. At first she moved to cover her breasts, which were as floppy as she had said, but then said oh well and just sat there in front of me. Everybody has a formula of what a beautiful woman should look like and Dianne certainly didn’t fit that, but those long sagging tits looked just right on her. I would love to have had a feel.

“How much did you see?”

“Do you mean no 27?”

“Oh shit!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. You two gave me a thrill”

“You don’t understand, Paul hates lesbians. If he ever finds out.”

She was right, her husband seemed to have a blind spot for girl on girl action. As most dirty movies have a lesbian scene we were always given a tirade of his feeling and he often fast-forwarded the video.

“I’ll give you a lift back.” As we drove she kept telling me that I would accidentally drop her in it. She eventually decided she had to have “something on me” to make sure I kept my mouth shut.

“If you shag me,” she said, “I can blackmail you to keep quiet.”

I protested that I was her mate and I just wouldn’t do that, but the thought of fucking Dianne was a very attractive offer. After some thought, I said, “there is one thing.”

“Anything, oral, up me arse?”

“Seduce my wife.”

This was all becoming surreal because we quite seriously discussed whether my wife would go for another woman. But the deal was struck.

“Oh! And there’s one other thing, you’ve got to make sure I catch you both at it!” That evening my wife got well and truly seen to.

A few days later I came home late and found my wife very flushed in a very good mood. In answer to my asking what had made her so happy, she told me that Dianne had been round for a brew and been telling her usual ribald jokes. My wife said she wished she could tell jokes like Dianne and she has such a dirty laugh.

Later when I saw Dianne she said, “where were you? She loved it! Don’t worry we‘ll be doing it again.”

As this was well before mobile phones there was no way for Dianne to let me know what was going on and I just had to rely on timing. My wife didn’t notice that I started to arrive home earlier and finally I walked in to hear the sounds of lovemaking coming from the bedroom.

My cock was instantly hard and I left a trail of clothes up the stairs and standing naked peeped into the bedroom. They were in the classis 69 position licking each others pussies with my wife on top facing away from me. I stood there with my cock and balls straining to explode watching this wonderful picture. Dianne finally noticed me and after a moment gestured me in. She took hold of my cock and before my wife could find out what was going on steered my into the wettest pussy I’ve ever known. Half a dozen stokes and I had to come, it was wonderful. After I pulled out my wife sat back on Dianne, giving her my cum to lick out. We went on to try every possible position including my all time fantasy of a woman sitting on my cock, a woman sitting on my mouth, with them kissing and fondling each other above me. Heaven!

I’m sure you can imagine I made sure it happened again, but there is a postscript. I was in the pub a few weeks later when Paul said, “I’ve got to tell somebody, and as you’re me mate. I caught Dianne in bed with another woman!”

“What did you do”

“I fucked them both!”

“I thought you don’t like lesbians.”

“Only because I thought Dianne didn’t!”