Written by Russ,

20 Jan 2004

I've just started work as a taxi driver, and it's taking a bit of getting used to, my last job was 9 til 5 and i'm just getting used to 12 hour shifts at weekends, 7pm through to 7am. Last saturday, i picked two teenage girls up at about 2.30 am outside a night club, they both looked as though they had had a good night out laughing and giggling as they fell into the cab, the office had told me there destination, so i set off on a journey that usually takes about half an hour, the younger of the two fell to sleep almost immediately, so i chatted to the other girl as i drove, occasionaly glancing in the rear view mirror to make eye contact, She explained that it was her mates 18th birtday, and they had been buying her shorts all night hence the reason she was asleep, i asked her age, to start a conversation, she said almost 20, i could'nt help noticing that she had the shortist dress on, and commented on her lovely long legs, i know it's a corny line, but i said "do they go right to the top? she slid to the middle of the rear seat, and said "I'll just check for you! she hitched her skirt up, to reveal a skimpy pair of lace panties, giggled, and lent forward to get closer, What time do you finnish? she asked, i told her i normlly work through until 7am. she said thats a shame, and fell back into the seat leaving her legs apart, even through the rear view mirror, i could make out the shadow of her dark hairy bush! ....tobe continued,