Written by EJ

6 Oct 2004

My story begin's way back in 1975 when i'd been going out with wife for just over three years. I was invited to stay at her house over Christmas for the first time, but my bed was the downstairs settee. In those days i slept with nothing on at home, so when i got the invitation i had to find some old pyjamas which had been stored away. Anyway we all had a good time Christmas Day and at night i settled down on my makeshift bed, with these loose fitting pyjamas. On Boxing day morning i was the first to rise, so i set about making the coal fire, by the time my mother in law to be had come downstairs we had a roaring fire. She made me a cup of tea and we chatted about the day before. After i'd drank my tea i said to her "i'd better go to the bathroom before the others get up", as i stood up my cock poked out of my pyjamas unbeknown to me and was inches away from her face. She burst out laughing and i wondered what the hell she was laughing at. I looked down and saw all of my 9" cock just hanging there, i didn't even know it was. I quickly put it away, being very shy in those days and made my way to the bathroom. Later that morning she was telling everybody what had happened and they all found it very funny. I noticed though for a few weeks she kept pulling my leg about it, not letting me forget she had seen my cock.

After a while i began to think it had made a big impression with my mother in law to be, so i started to wear really tight trousers when i went to her house, just to see what reaction i'd get. I must say everytime i looked at her i caught looking at my cock.

This went on for many years before and after we got married.

She use to come down and help us with the decorating, she was very good at wallpapering. The first time i helped her, we were doing the the landing and staircase. My wife was stripping wallpaper in another room i was holding the ladder for my mother in law. I remember helping this day while she was on the ladder, i looked up and got the suprise of my life. I could see right up her skirt and she was wearing stockings, everything was in sight. I decided to get a closer look so i made the excuse to getting further up the ladder the hold the paper, i was now inches away from the bottom of the skirt and got the best view of knickers. As i looked closer, you could see her pubic hair

either side of her crotch, she must have been very hairy down there. At this time she was looking down at me, i looked up and thought my god she caught me, but she didn't say a thing, in fact i think she tryed to open her legs a little more for me to get a better look, but it was difficult on the ladders.

Over the years thats how we've been she'd flirt with me and i'd give the odd flash of my cock when i'd been in the shower. She use to come and talk to me when i was in the bedroom, she use to stand outside the door, but when she looked in, she could see me through the mirror. I knew this, so i slowly dried off then at the last minute drop my towel. she never moved, just stood there looking.

I'd often wanked thinking about my mother in law, in fact in was one of my favorites fantasies, but never in my wildest dreams i'd think it would happen, but it did. In over 30 years of thinking about it today was the day, but it came out of the blue. You think over the years and my mother in law now in her early seventies, it's not going to happen, but it just shows you "It's never to late".

One day in question, my wife had gone out with my daughter to a party and was not going to be in until around seven o' clock. Earlyier in the day she had fetched her mother like she ususally does on a Saturday. It was around three o'clock and i'd been working in the garden most of the day, so i said to my mother in law i'm off to get a shower. Off i went upstairs. unbeknown to me when i got out of the shower and dried off she had made her way upstairs to my bedroom and was sat on the bed. I got suprise when i went in, but i didn't bother me. We got talking about differant things and i was making my way around the bed, when i stopped in front of her. I thought to myself i'll shock her now and let the towel slip from my waist just to see what reaction i got. She just sat there and said "oh dear", the next thing she got hold of my cock and began to slowly wank me off. She soon had my cock standing to attention and she said " this is what i've been wanting to do for a long time" then she edged forward and began to suck it. For a woman of her years she was a very good cock sucker. She knew how to please a man. Then after a while she layed back on the bed, removed her shirt to reveal her stocking and suspenders then removed her knickers to reveal the hairiest pussy i'd seen in my life. I couldn't control my self, i was down on her in seconds, probing her clit with my tongue through this greying mass of hair, she orgasmed pretty soon and then she told me " I want that big cock inside me". I didn't waste anytime getting it inside her and she took it all and could have took more. She came another 2 times before i took it out. She said she couldn't feel it anymore and she wanted me to finger her instead. I soon lost all my fingers up there, and began to do something i'd never done before. As the fingers disapeared it became clear that she could take more, so i started fisting, to my suprise it went up very easy. By know she had several more orgasms and was getting a little worn out. I stopped, withdrew my fist and we both lay there on the bed. Then she said "you haven't cum yet" Then next thing she starts sucking on my cock until i exploded loads of cum in her mouth and like a true pro she swallowed every last drop. While we were getting dressed she told me that what had happened has been building up inside her for years & years and that if it hadn't happened today she thought it never would. I told her i felt the same. Maybe it will never happen again, but i'll always have my memories to wank over.