Written by asian boy

9 Apr 2005

Hello just recently I placed an ad in swinging heaven to meet older males fully shaven cut and possibly muscular men aged over 33, I got a fairly good response but one guy caught my eye he was in Manchester close by and was aged 42 very fit abit tanned and a huge 8+ cock which caught my attention, im a Asian lad aged 20 anyway we exchanged a few emails and decided to meet in a café and see how we got on together we had met in Manchester city centre but had agreed to have nay action close by to my home as he had a office which he had the keys to so we could go there, we met and decided to meet later on when he looked very sexy in his grey suite and was about 5ft 8 something like that anyway. Jim is not his name to protect his identity anyway he told me he was married and his wife didn’t know we talked for a while about what we do etc, then we started to talk about sex jim said he enjoys pretty much everything and he wanted to use me I loved the sound of that. It was time to go it was around 2pm and we had decided to meet at 8pm anyway as I walked off he walked me to the tram and waved goodbye we exchanged numbers and as I got on the tram he txt saying cant wait me to. Anyway the time came when we had to meet as I decided to meet him in a car park so he can pick me up and take me to his office as we got there it was behind a major car showroom, the office was small two floors it was jims mates who lent him the keys as I got out I was really nervous and he could see it as well Jim reassured me and said we done have to do anything if I don’t want to anyway I got in the building and Jim locked up it was a nice modern office as I went upstairs there were 5 rooms on the second floor Jim came up and opened a few doors there was one room that I agreed to go into it had 2 desks and a leather sofa I only had a few hours so I was eager to play. As jim sat beside me I just began to kiss him he responded by putting his hand down my pants we kissed for a few minutes when jim pulled away and totally stripped off, I was so hard as I saw jim who was absolutely fit and toned , anyway jim came towards me and began helping me take my clothes off now we were both naked and hard I began to suck his 8 inch thick cock it tasted nice but was too big to go in my mouth as I sucked him for a while then I pulled away he then went down on his knees and sucked me hard he played with my cock for a while then turned his attention to his cock which I began to suck again this time jim made me suck him whilst I was on the sofa pushed in the corner I began sucking him he then spurted his cum it wasn’t much but It was thick as some was in my mouth and the other half on my face I carried on licking and sucking him he then moved away and oiled his cock I knew I was going to be in pain so jim decided that if I wanted he could fasten me with some tape behind my back and fuck me I agreed as he tied me he oiled my asshole which is very tight.

He slid in his cock slowly knowing I was tight and began pumping away I was in so much pain that I was biting the sofa with my mouth he beagn pumping hard and a few mns later I could feel his cum in my ass he carried on for a while before making me suck him again this time he cummed a lot and it was all over me, as he untied me I began licking him and made jim suck him , I also fucked him which I enjoyed very much , jim then asked me if I had ever done water sports, I said no I guess he wanted to try it out so I agreed which was a one off , we went to a empty room were there was no furniture jim made me kneel on my knees and shot all over my face and body I enjoyed this very much that I wanted more but he couldn’t do more. As we dressed up I was full of cum and fucked basically we agreed to meet again but couple of weeks which is disappointing as I enjoyed it very much. And im looking for more older sexy tanned cut fully shaven men to use me in Manchester in Bolton area you could call me a slutty boy.