Written by Mark

18 Aug 2004

During my 20's and early 30's I'd had various bi experiences but always went home thinking self-disgust and self-denial but as time went by, my common law relationship floundered into 5 min quickies unless she was drunk, so my thoughts for cock and male arse became ever so powerful.Because of my employment and position as Legal executive/developer/student landlord I had to continue projecting a masculine image. I did try the local cruising area "The Gardens" on Newcastle Quayside but as now it continues to be infested with rent boys and junkie smackhead scum....i.e.quite frightening if you are non-scene.

However, and this is part 1 of 2, I evolved a cunning plan to get some cock.Away from where I lived but very close to several of my student flats I had noticed a guy in his fifty's always wearing shorts and tending his rose garden and chatting to passers by. This was the summer of 1998.

I very deliberately dressed in just builders riggers, shorts and no underwear on a hot saturday afternoon. Well tanned and naturally completely free of body hair above groin level, I parked up just outside this guys house (who is now referred to as D), in my transit van and pretended to pore over an A-Z looking for a street knowing damn well it was short and had been stopped up for a University developement and that D was watching me. I got out of the van looking perplexed trying to see street signs and approached D asking for directions. He was very friendly, showing me the position of the street that I pretended to need to visit for a quote. We chatted briefly and I complimented him on the quality and fragrance of his roses.As I left I realised he couldn't keep his eyes off my attractive tanned torso and nipples. We shoke hands and parting I felt one of his fingers lightly stroke the inside of my palm almost like a masonic sign. Looking back and we've often joked about it since poor D must have thought he'd lost a chance. However I knew that I was "in", drove off, hid for half an hour and returned to the same spot. As I suspected D was still in his garden. I got out of the van to thank him for the directions and immediately he asked if I could quote for extra kitchen sockets to which I said yes.

This was getting exciting. We went up to his flat and I noticed he locked the front door quite noisily. I gave him the usual about 16th IEE regs whilst looking at his consumer/fuse board. I wondered through to the kitchen to check for a ring main whilst D went off. I heard the noisy closing of bedroom curtains on old fashioned brass hooks and thought.........we're playing the same game here!!.

But no I wanted to see it through. D returned to the kitchen, by which time I had managed to prise off a floor cupboard plinth to check for cables, and get on all fours with my arse in the air and my shorts loosened and half way down my arse. D listened as I said I could do the job quite easily and beckoned him to see the under floor-unit cable for himself. As the kitchen was narrow, galley style I had figured that D would have to get in the same position as I was.He lowered himself to all fours with his left hand on the small of my back with fingers encroching into my arse crack. Well at that point I gave up any pretence and simply said " would you like some fun". He did'nt show any surprise or make a sound and simply applied a salivered finger to my butt and then a second and despite us both being hot and sweaty, his tongue next. Quickly we adjourned to a bedroom and all my pent up fantasy's where hetero barriers don't exist, came out in a flood. D laid down and I started sucking his toes, then to his nipples and then a long snogging session with deep kissing. I couldn't hold back and came as our hot sweaty bodies met. After a few cigarettes and D admitting that he'd seen me working but had never known how to approach me, we started again. He sucked me hard fingering my bum, got me hard and then placing a condom over my cock stradled me. Entry was effortless. Up and down he moved, slowly at first then quickening. He came first of all over my tummy and even though his weight was uncomfortable I soon followed thinking thats it, women are only good for quickies cleaning, mending clothes and roast beef dinners. D finally led me to the bathroom and sexily washed me but sadly I had to leave shortly thereafter.

Now 6 years on we still see each other very occasionally and have progressed to my being spanked (after the initial pain the warm glow is fantastic), watersports, toy fun and enemas.

Part of the thrill here was the chase and the planning. Part 2 to follow is even more interesting and involved a man of the cloth.........so watch out!! The title will be the same although in jest there may be a reference to Baldrick.

Those readers who know me will recognise the clues in this parble. Since then I've become 90% Bi and an accomplished and attractive slut PVC TV so if any geordie boys who can spell and have passed their 11 plus in grammer and punctuation and importantly can form more than two sentences, care to contact me, then please do so.

Bi for now. Mark xxx