Written by Mark

22 Aug 2004

Readers should refresh their memories with part I posted on 18th August.

In 1987 I took a job at a new Law firm, smaller than the last but much better paid. The guy leaving,who I shall call S,had in turn taken a position at another firm, handed the conveyancing and probate reins over to me during his last forthnight anf for the next 11 years we spoke occassionally on inter-client matters, swopping stationary and at the odd time, when we would meet in the Court to do a mundane Directions hearing.

After I left full-time work to pursue my student Landlording, I met S again in Newcastle Magistrates. We were both up before the bench for minor motoring offences, mine overloading and his expired MOT. As chance would have it, we both left the Court muttering about the Filth wasting so much public money for tiny fines and we agreed to have a couple of pints for lunch.

Chat and small talk first about the legal profession and then more inquisitive questions to each other about our personal lives. Both of equal high intelligence with the ability to debate, analysis and argue, we both now admit where the questions were going. Me to S....are you still living with yopur sister on ? Road ?, Did you never WANT to marry? etc etc. S to me, are you still living alone in that great pile?, Do you not get lonely etc etc.

First wave "over the top complete".

I told S I was selling my home and that since the title was complex with seperate long leaseholds and a seperate shared freehold, I wanted someone to act for my buyer and who wouldn't ask awkward questions with my old firm acting for me. He agreed and I arranged to collect him one evening to peruse the papers. I had time to think. S must either be Celibate or Bi/gay since he had never left the paternal home and continued to live with his sister until his fifties.Now I'm thinking Balrick.

I collected S, both of us sitting relaxed discussing my title deeds whilst I'm liberally topping up his whiskey glass. Conveyancing details and stratgedy were agreed.Gradually it became apparent that S had led a very sheltered life under a domineering sister. I arose to make coffee saying since it was getting late and that I would have to order a taxi home for S, that I would change into a dressing gown.In the kitchen my heart was pounding. I tried to reason that since S was now half cut, I could take an embarrassing chance.

I returned to the living-room with coffee completely naked except my shortest dressing gown. Since I had already become a very attractive and convincing TV, S could not keep his eyes off my long tanned shaven legs and gold ankle bracelets. I thought thats it, in you're in here sweetie.I moved from the armchair , got on all fours with the pretence of trying to find the most inaccessible video under the telly table knowing that my dressing gown would ride up over my gorgeous curvy arse which I wiggled ever so slightly whilst my ankles crossed (readers please note subsequent photos availible to all). Well that did the trick, accross he came stroking the backs of my legs and ass whilst I wispered "this is your first time isn't it" to which he replied yes. He was like an animal on heat, making snorting noises whilst sucking and lapping away at my generous cock and balls. Slow down I said, let me do the work, get undressed and sit over there petal.

Duly naked and in position with his legs over the chair arms, I took my time. His cock was a little disappointing, small and the glands never having seen the light of day. pubes and legs hairy, not at all to my liking but I perserved gentle sucking his cock to his moans and inserting one then two fingers in his arse with plenty of of spit. This became a bit messy especially when he pumped but I lent forward, gently kissing him saying theres no need to worry or be embarrassed....these thing happen first time around. I wiped him with a sponge and carried on with a dildoe slowly finding his natural contours and reaming him out ready for my cock. I really wanted him to enjoy the loss of his virgin arse so I was very gentle and timed the act carefully. I sucked him almost to the point of cumming and finally entered him again slowly with loads of spit. I told him to wank and try and hit my tits with his cum whilst I speeded up inside him. I quickened with a froaty mixture of his mess and my spit all over my cock. He soon came first and I managed to lift a couple of cum soaked fingers to my mouth before I too came inside him.

WOW I thought, Mark you're getting good at this seduction thing!!!

We stayed naked, chatted for a while, washed and eventually he left a happy and liberated guy finally at the age of 53. Sadly he admitted that he had only ever had sex twice in his life nearly 20 years previously and since then we have met on a very regular basis with no pretences whatsoever. The moment the door is locked, it is heavy deep throat kissing, clothes discarded quickly, tongues around cocks and in arses, me being heavily spanked, me fucking him, some watersports and lots of cuddles.

Over the years S has taken to shaving his legs/pubes and arse and has such a nice girlie slim figure but as yet he won't be persuaded to see the Doc about having his foreskin pulled or cut back so that his glands may finally see the light of day which I am coninvinced will make his cock bigger.

Coincidentally both S and D in ptI live just 40 yards apart and whilst they both know of each others sexual interests I have not yet managed to engineer a threesome. This I will address as the nights draw in. Whilst one of them thinks it is abit close to home, they both share the same badly lit back lane.

Any Bi male readers wanting some occassional discreet and private fun in Newcastle, please feel free to mail but please no full scene gays. Ta