Written by tony

16 Oct 2003

I was wandering around the house like a zombie and I just couldnt get this guy out of my mind. If ever there was an opportunity to have a bi expeirience it was with him and I just fucked it up.

What happened next was just what fantasies are made of! There was a knock at the door and yes, you guessed it ....the delivery guy had come back! He told me that his last drop was not in and that he diddnt want to go back to the depot or they would send him on another drop. He said that If I wanted he could give me a hand to assemble the furniture that he had just delivered. I must have seemed a little too eager because he smiled at me in a very knowing way and said he was nipping to the van to get some tools.

When we were in the bedroom he was like a different bloke. cocky, arrogant and very forward. He walked straight up to me and grabbed hold of my crotch which was already throbbing. then he put his other hand round the back of my neck and pulled me staight to his mouth and snogged me. The thought of two blokes snogging has always been a big turn off to me but I just couldnt stop him, although i was trying to pull away my lips were on fire and my body just went limp. I started to shake like fuck. I was so fucking turned on every nerve ending was tingling and my balls were buzzing in the limited space they shared with my throbbing cock. Pre cum was soaking through my pants and through my jeans. His stubble was rubbing my face and realy fucking hurt but I diddnt care. I wasnt going to stop this guy no matter what the sacrifice! My arms were pulling him tight to me and my hands were exploring his hot, broad, naked back. The smell of him filled my nostrels, a mixture of sweat, soap powder, and man.....pure man.

His right hand moved swiftly round to my arse and pulled our bodies even closer together. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against me and I wanted it!

I forced my hand inbetween us and struggled to find his flies. We were breathing through our noses like two angry bulls, fast, hard and loud. His tonge was fighting with mine to gain access to each others mouth and our faces were wet with saliva.

My hand was still struggling to rip open his flies so he pushed me against the bed room wall and used both his hands to rip his pants open and release his angry cock his tonge never missed a stroke.

He grabbed my hand placed it on his cock. It was fucking massive! and I meen massive! It was long, it was thick but it was also realy heavy. I wanted to shout "fucking hell" but all I could manage was a groan into his mouth.

His hand came back to my shoulder and forced me down and I came face to face with his monster cock. It was uncut and full of pre cum. I pulled back the skin and swallowed as much of his meat as I could, sucking and licking as much pre cum as he could produce and belive me there was plenty!

He gripped my head with both of his hands and face fucked me. My lips were already numd from all the snogging and I was struggling to maintain the suction without making loud slurping sounds. He was moaning like fuck now and within a couple of strokes his dick was pumping a huge wad of spunk in my mouth I was trying to swallow as quickly as I could but it was spilling out and running down my face. He stood for a moment panting with his hand and his forehead resting against the wall while I lapped up the rest of his load. He was still convulsing and twitching and his dick was starting to soften.

He once again put both hands round my head and pulled me back up to his face and snogged me again then moved his hands down to my pants and started to undo them. He pulled out my throbbing cum wet dick and squeezed it hard. The feeling of those hands round my prick was increadable and even though I am a "big lad" my dick was dwarfed by his hands.

Suddenly he spun me round to face the wall and started to tugg my dick. He pulled of my cum staind T. shirt and pressed his firm chest against my back, biteing,licking and chewing my neck and wanking me like crazy. It was all too much and I just exploded all over the bed room wall. I have never had an orgasm like it before it was incredable! my legs were like jelly and I felt realy light headed. I just wanted to stay there frozen like stone for ever! Totaly satisfied.

After a while the guilt and embarasment started to kick in and He started to button up and make his excuses. giving me one last snog before he left he pushed something into my pocket.

He winked and smiled as he drove away and I have never seen him since.

A couple of days later I was watching the T.V when the wife came in and said "Here I have just found this in the pocket of your jeans" handing me a fiver! My smile must have looked ridiculous because she said "god its only a fiver" Maybe so but I will never spend it!!