Written by Bi Boy

2 Dec 2004

I had travelled with my wife to the nearby town to do some city center shopping.

As usual I go off by myself whilst she does the usual clothes and shoes shopping finding plenty of shops to visit and peruse the items on offer.

As a closet cross dresser I attend the Charity Shops where I find a good selection of second hand womens clothing on offer.

This day, I found a selection of nylon slips in one shop and my cock started to grow at the thought of putting on one of the slips.

I purchased one a white nylon half slip with an edging of lace and could not wait to try it on so I headed for the nearest public toilets in the arcade shopping area and on the wat there I called in to one of the large retail stores and bought a pait of nylon holdups. (stockings without the need of suspenders)

My cock was bulging as I entered the cubicle and I removed my trousers and underpants and pulled on the holdups and the slip. Wow the feeling od the nylon against nylon was electrifying. My cock was standing to attention and was in need of stroking.

As I started to pump my cock I saw there was a small hole in the partion wall of the next cubicle and as i bent down to look through the hole I saw that someone was in the cubicle allready looking through it watching me.

This turned me on even further so i decided to give a good show and continued wanking for him and I was bursting to shoot my load when a note came under the partion.

The note asked if I would like to be sucked so I knelt down so the man could reach me under the gap beneath the partition. Firstly he grabbed my cock and wanked me for a couple of minutes until my cock was rock hard then his face appeared at the gap so I got further down so my cock could reach his mouth. He sucked me until I shot my hot cum inside his willing mouth and he did not pull away until every drop was swallowed.

I then watched him through the hole as he wanked until he shot his load and he quickly left.

This was my first Bi experience although somewhat anonomous but very pleasurable.