Written by Rob

27 Apr 2006

Reading the stories about bi experiences on here has stirred my memory as well as my loins. I’m now happily married but going back 20 odd years to when I was foot loose and fancy free I had my first proper bi experience, (Discounting the teenage drink fuelled fumblings that most boys seem to have when receptive girls are in short supply).

It happened in India. I was over there on an extended holiday staying with friends, as part of the trip myself and my older married Indian friend Vinit, went off on our own to visit some of the tourist spots in Delhi and Bangalore. (At least that’s what they were called when I was there!). To save on costs we shared a twin room and I never even gave it a second thought. However a couple of days in to the trip I was just coming round one morning when my friend shouted hey Rob, and as I opened my eyes and looked in his direction, he was stood there smiling and pointing down to a perky 6” erection sticking out from under his tee shirt. Without thinking I pulled back the covers and said snap as my own early morning stiffy stood there proud and pointing to the ceiling. There was then an embarrassed silence as I realised what I done.

My fiend Vinit broke the silence, ‘Looks like you are missing your girlfriend’ he said. He wasn’t wrong I’d been away from home for 3 weeks and had even had a wank in that time. He walked over to my bed and I froze as he put his hand on my thigh and slid it up to my cock. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ I said as I grabbed his arm. ‘Relax’ he said ‘I’m just helping out a friend in need’. By this time he given my cock a couple strokes and it felt so good and I was feeling sooo desperate that I let go of his arm. He continued slowly wanking me, pulling my foreskin up and down over my purple throbbing cockhead and it wasn’t long before I started to leak precum. I couldn’t believe it when he leant forward and with the tip of his tongue licked at the end of my cock. He stopped and looked up at me and said ‘Feel good?’ ‘Yes’ I croaked back. ‘Do you want me to carry on?’ ‘Yes, please don’t stopped’ I replied. With that he rolled my foreskin right back, slipped his lips over my cock and gave me the best blow job I had ever experienced. I was so excited that I came within minutes, but he kept my cock in his mouth and just continued to suck and swallow as I pumped him full of come, something my girlfriend would never let me do.

I lay back on the bed in ecstasy as he licked the final drops from my cock and the next thing I knew his cock was pointing at my face and he said my turn now. I reached up and started to wank him, but he said I had to repay him in kind, so I very nervously started to lick the end of his cock. It wasn’t long before I tasted his precum and he pushed more and more of his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and I even started to quite enjoy it. Then without taking his cock from my mouth, he climbed on the bed on top of me and went into the sixty nine position with me pinned underneath him. I don’t think my cock had gone down properly after my first orgasm, but it was soon rock hard again as he began to suck it. Vinit thrust harder into my mouth as his excitement grew and I had to grab the base of his cock to stop him from choking me, but this seemed to tip him over the edge, and I soon had my first mouthful of come as he pumped his spunk into me, with me reciprocating seconds later.

Well the rest of our short trip continued in the same vein and he introduced me to rimming and a finger up the arse. But we both decided it had been a case of needs must, the holiday finished and I came back to England and got back to normality. However as I’ve got older I’ve started to fantasise about having a bi threesome, a fantasy fuelled by the stories on SH. Vinit is coming over to visit me this year, and although I may not manage a bi threesome, as the wife has no interest, I wonder if I will have to help him out as he misses his wife back in India? I’ll keep you posted. Rob