Written by Moku

7 Aug 2005

Last night... well I never would have thought it would have happened with a mate that I hadn't seen in a while..

To start the night off, I was feeling kinda horny anyway and went and posted an ad to meet someone or a couple last night.. nothing was really happening especially down here in Cornwall most are either working or away on hols this time of year.. Still nothing came of it so i decided that as I wasn't going out would copasquat (thats crashout) in front the TV watching SKY... anyway I also had a couple tinnies in the fridge and decided to crack one open...As I sat there watching "Old School" me mate popped round on the off chance to see if I was going out or gonna stay in as he couldn't decide, seeing I was drinking he grabbed a can and sat down to watch the film..

Anyway we got chatting bout the missus and then inevitably onto sex and the internet cause he knows I spend alot of time on-line due to work etc.. we went upto me room where I had the computer and we got browsing around a couple of porn sites and downloaded a few movie clips etc...Then we went onto a "webcam" site and got watching a few couples and single women...He then asked to put on a porn DVD so I stuck it on in the bedroom and carried on chatting on-line whilst he lay back and watched the film... as time progressed I could see him fidgeting and I was turned on by the antics on me screen anyway,,as I turned to look at the TV me hardon was noticeable in my shorts and well he had raised a leg to hide his hardon as he lay there... I laughed and said fuck it why don't you just wank.. Christ it aint the first time I had seen some bloke doing that... (I have had a couple of bi-experiences before wank/oral only) anyway as I said that we laughed then I said fuvk it I'm gonna and stood up dropped me shorts and shook me cock at him laughing... at this point he kind of nodded and said alright then and dropped his jeans.. removed his t-shirt and lay tere naked with a fairly nice sized cock sat proud of a tuft of pubes and nicely shaved balls,,, mine is shaved totally .. still I sat back down at the computer and was watching this lass playingwith a dildo listening to the DVD moans and groans and in the corner of my eye I could see **** stroking his cock.. I took mine in my hand and started to wank then as we built momentum I couldn't help but turn to face him and the TV watching his technique.. different to mine but his helmet was coated in pre-cum as was mine.. As I got up he stopped.. "what you doing??" as I moved towards the bed.. "Shove over" and climbed on beside him and lay back to watch the porn.. and him... I started to wank again and I could see that he was no longer watching the TV but was my cock..."Here you do it" I grabbed his hand and felt him tense as I did so but then relax as I raised it awkwardly towards mycock placing on my hand that was still wanking.. he wrapped his fingers and grasped and I released my own grip and removed my hand then took his cock in my hand.. he looked at my cock fascinated in it... and I was impressed with his own...His hand moved faster and it started to hurt so I moved and knelt beside him again wanking his cock and this time the angle of his grip was a bit more difficult and therefore lighter to touch. Then unexpectedly he twisted himself on the bed and dropped his head to my lap and took my cock in his mouth... I twisted myself so we were top and tailing and returned the favour sucking his cock and caressing his balls in a 69... i could really taste his pre cum now and spent extra attention on the sensitive part of the foreskin as I wanked his shaft then I felt his hips bucking and he stopped sucking me and rolled onto his back and then he started to cum... spurting loads up his belly onto my leg and well everywhere... as he was cumming with my other hand i wanked myself then getting close myself i moved between his legs and pushed my cock towards his and with the remains of his hardon and the cum oozing from it I took both cocks and wanked them together as I too came shooting my spunk over him too... but the sensation of two cocks touching well... we both slumped back...knackered and kinda fell off to sleep.. sometime later we both woke and well he said fuck it I ain't walking home now.. climbed in bed and we slept together... nice and funnily enough a very quiet house this morning... difficult situation?? nah he wanted to know if we could do it again...