Written by micky

6 Jan 2005

many years ago i was on a camping holiday with mates , we had set off with motorcycles loaded up and off to the lakes we went , we got their around 4 in the bloody rain soaked to the skin we set up tents i was to share with mac one of my best pals at the time , we got all the gear in to the tent i said i was going to get out of me bike gear and in to something warm and dry, i was down to my shorts and looking for dry gear to put on as i turned around i looked at mac he had nothing on at all he was huge 10 inchs i couldnt get over seeing him, as we got ready he said he had seen me looking at his cock , i said it was huge and i was tiny to him (6 and a bit)never mind he said and we went for a drink , later we got back to the tents after a loads of beer i got undressed and in to my sleeping bag we chatted for a bit and fell asleep an hour or so had passed i woke up after a pee went to the loos came back got in to the tent and mac was out of his sleeping bag with this huge cock lying their trying not to wake him i got back in to my bag about ten mins later i could feel macs hand run across my cock i never moved the next thing he was licking my balls then my cock i got a hard on in secs he then started to suck me off it was heaven i was trying not to cum he moved around so his huge cock was hanging next to my head as he moved i just open my self up to him and took his head in my mouth i could just get it in he was that big he started to push more and more in , i could feel my self starting to cum it was that good he was takeing the hole of my cock in as i came he never lost a drop he licked it clean he asked me to roll over as i did he said he was going to fuck me he licked my arse for a bit then pushed in to me with this huge 10 inch cock it was hurting like mad i asked him to slow down he said its a bit late the hole lots in he came with in mins of this , this was a great holiday