Written by Macinhull

4 May 2005

Hi all,

I just had to share this with you all. I have advertised on this site for Bi-guy’s & couple for a few months now. I’ve had a little success with meeting guys & up to yesterday had met 3 guys over a period of 6 months. Some of these just wanted a quick suck & 1 guy wanted & got a lot more. But as much as I like to play with cock I have always wanted and dreamed of having Bi-sex with a guy while a woman was present and hopefully happy to join in. I placed an ad over the bank holiday weekend on this site advertising for a couple with a bi guy, after the usual dreamers & time wasters I received an email from a mid forties couple not far from where I live in Hull. Out of respect for them I will not use their names but here’s a little of what happen.

My ad clearly stated I was very married but the wife does not know about my liking for M2M fun & I was looking for a couple that I could be open & honest with. The couple that answered asked for a pic of me & after sending it along with a brief description of myself arranged to meet me yesterday afternoon. I arrived at the meeting point very nervous & very excited. A chap pulled up in the parking space next to me & introduced himself, he claimed his wife was at home waiting for us and would I follow him. I was getting a little nervy but followed as instructed. 10 minutes later we pulled up at rather a nice house in a small village on the east coast. Mr invited me in & introduced me to his good lady who stood up from the sofa as we entered the room. Now Mrs was a very attractive slim lady in her mid forties but she looked at least 10 years younger. She was dressed in a silky dressing gown that just covered the curve of her smooth bottom. She came over and held out her hand to shake mine, very formal I thought until as she took hold of my right hand she pulled me closer to her and kissed me full on the mouth, god this lady tasted good. Mr said to her “ save a bit for me love” and came over and started kissing the back of my neck while I had my tongue in her mouth. His hands were all over the 2 of us as he rubbed himself against me. Mrs pulled away from me at this point and said “go on boy’s have your fun I want to watch this” with that I turned towards Mr and started kissing him deep, over the guy’s shoulder I could see Mrs had worked her way over to an arm chair and had opened her legs to start playing with her very trimmed, very wet pussy. Mr started to pull at his clothes and I did the same, some how we managed to strip without breaking our lips apart. Our hands were exploring each other and I felt his hand grasp hold of my very hard cock, Mr started to kiss all down my body until I felt his wet mouth suck my hardness deep into his throat. God this felt so good, this man could really suck cock, all the time this was going on I was looking towards his beautiful wife who now had 3 fingers buried deep into her wet pussy lips. Mr was working my cock like a real hungry slut & I could feel myself getting far to close to cumming, I warned him to slow down as I wanted this to last for ever. With that his wife said, “can I have a little attention please” the way she spoke was like a child asking for candy. With this I offered to suck on her wet clitty if she wishes “yes please” was the answer delivered in that sweet little tone. I managed to work my way over to the chair and got down on my knees in between her smooth legs and started to devour her sweet juices, this went on for quite a while all the time Mr was under me sucking my cock in to his wet mouth. After about a good 20 minutes of this action I needed to rest my jaw and straighten up a little as the way this chap was working my cock was sending me to heaven. As I knelt back I was met with the guys mouth on mine taking all his wife’s sweet juices from my lips, his mouth tasted of that salty familiar taste of spunk. Our tongues exploring each other once more as our strong hands touched each other. Again we heard that innocent voice ask “can I have some hard cock please” we broke off both smiling at this lovely lady so relaxed and wanton. Mr said to me “go fuck my sweet slut for me” well I didn’t need to be asked twice. I crawled over to were she lay on the armchair and as I approached her arm stretched out to take the back of my neck guiding me to her pert breasts, My mouth took in her nipple as she slid down onto my hard cock. Her pussy was so wet she just slid all the way down my hardness until I was buried deep in her, I managed to push her back up onto the chair with my hips and proceeded to slid my cock deep and slow into her lovely pussy. I felt Mr come behind me and get between my lower legs as I was knelt in front of his beautiful wife, his hand were stroking all over me body and he was paying a lot of attention to my arse. Now although I have had quite a few altercations with guy’s over the years I have never had my arse fucked, I don’t know why but the situation has never arisen. Mr is now kissing my neck and feeling my arse then he says “ my I?” we both new what he wanted and without thinking I said “feel free”, with that he starts to work his tongue down my back until I feel his hot breath on my buttocks, This guy is now tonguing my very tight arsehole. WOW I’m now in heaven. I’m slowly working my cock into a very sexy lady & her husband is rimming my arse, does this get any better??????

Well yes actually, once my arse is nice and wet I feel his fingers opening me up, god I had to think of a few scary thoughts to stop myself from shooting my load right then. Then I feel the weight of his body against my back as he pushes me forward onto his wife so he can get his rock hard cock against my tight ring. Slowly at first he eases his cock into me, I push back to let him know its OK, he speeds up and is now dictating the pace I fuck his wife while he enters me. This is so bliss, slow hard fucking, and the fullness of a throbbing cock in my arse, the fullness of my throbbing cock in such a sweet pussy. We work like this for what seemed like seconds but was in reality at least 20minutes. Then I say I cant hold on much longer, Mrs say “cum in me now please” with that I let go of the biggest load of spunk I’ve ever shot and Mr pounds my arse until I feel the sensation I’ve longed for all my adult life, jet after jet of hot spunk shoots up me. This really is heaven.

We all collapse in a heap of sweaty bodies spunk running from me, spunk running from Mrs lovely pussy and us all laughing. I spent a total of 4 hours with this great couple and within that time I managed to shoot my hot cum at least 3 times but Mr was a real spunk machine 5 loads in all. Mrs claimed she had orgasmed at least 6 times that afternoon but the best she said she had had was when I was in her arse & Mr was sucking her clit.

What an afternoon and Mr & Mrs, I told you I would right this hope we can do it again soon. Very Soon.

Thanks again & to all of you who think this is made up. LMFAO every single word is TRUE but what do I care it was great and I haven’t stopped smiling since.