Written by Darren

10 Feb 2006

With my job I stay in hotels around the country.You hear

great tails of people having sex left right and center with

people they meet in the bar.

I often think whens my turn,well I work in London most of

the time.And by chance I had to stay in a west end hotel.

It had been a long day,so I stayed in and had a beer in

the bar.

It was busy,so I grabbed a table to read the paper and

people watch.After about 15 mins a couple came over and

asked if they could sit at the table as most of the others

were taken.

They were in there fifties,the woman was very good looking,a larger lady about a 16/18 with a great pair of tits.I could not help myself,I found I kept looking at her.

By the accent I could tell they were american,we started to chat and have a few drinks.After about an hour and a half chat started to get sexual.

They said they are both bi-sexual,and how do I stand on that.I was abit taken back,but excited too.Was this my


We chatted on about the subject,when another woman came over.They said this was a friend they met the night before.She was about my age early forties,very nice a

larger girl too.They said they had asked her the same

things as me about her sexual preferences.

We had more drinks and chatted more,Jenny the single

lady said she would love to see two guys sucking and

wanking each other while she fingered herself.

My cock was getting hard by now,Mandy the older woman

asked if I would like to help Jenny with her fantasy.

I said ok,so we finished our drinks and off to Jennys


We only just got in the room,and the women were getting

undressed.Both girls had massive tits,my cock was busting out of my pants.

Both us guys stripped,and went to the bed.Iwas very nervy but excited.Tony was about the same size a me,so did'nt feel to bad in that dept.To my surprise his mouth was

on my cock,both girls were kissing and fingering each


My cock was the hardest its ever been,Mandy asked me to suck tony's cock,he knelt by the side of me and I took

in my mouth.Mandy came over and lowered herself on my

cock,her pussy was so moist.

Mandy rode me slowly as I sucked Tonys cock.Jenny then

came over and started to suck on Mandys tits.

Tony took his cock out my mouth stood up behind Mandy

and started to fuck her arse

It was fantastic,she had both of us in her.Jenny pushed

her tits in my face,I sucked and chewed her nipples.She

let out a whimper,I thought I'd hurt her but when I looked down,Mandy was fisting her from behind.

This was to much,I was about to cum.Mandy could tell,

she slid off,took hold of my cock,gripping my shaft low

down tight,she said don't cum yet.With this Jenny started

to lick my bell-end,Tony started to wank over mandy's face

he cum loads over her.

They both slumped on the bed,I now wanted some of Jenny's

arse,I bent her over and slipped into her arse,she screamed out,I almost shot my load at that point.She

Started to lick the cum off Mandy,Mandy said I want your

cum over me too.

With that,I pulled my cock out of Jenny's arse,I straddled Mandy,Tony took hold of my cock and began to wank me off.Jenny sqeezed my balls,Mandy then took hold of me,she

said Tonys going to fuck your arse now,with that he slid

his now hard again cock in my arse.

It was an amazing feeling,pain and plesure I cum like a

train,I did'nt think i'd stop cumming,both girls got some.Jenny finished Tony off by mouth.

We stayed together all night,fucking each other at will.

A truly fantasic night.I keep in touch Mandy & Tony by

E-mail,and I have had the pleasure of fucking Jenny again when she visited london this week.

So Hotel sex with strangers is no longer a mith to me.