Written by Matt

4 Jan 2005

I’m 28 and still live my parents. Last summer they decided to have some landscaping work done in the garden, and this guy called Phil came round with a couple of other lads to do the work. Phil was about 40, tall and muscular, with dark blonde hair and a goatee beard. He was a very fit looking guy, and married with a few kids. The work took about 3 days, and on the day they finished, my parents were out, and as he’d told the other lads to go home, it was just Phil left. He wanted to make sure they’d done the work properly and tidy up. As it was a hot afternoon I offered him a cold beer, which he accepted. I watched him as he tidied up. Eventually he finished and came and stood by me. He must have seen me checking him out because he started smiling at me. My cock started twitching. I smiled back at him but said ‘What?’ He smiled back at me again. I started to feel a bit embarrassed but I carried on flirting with him, looking down at his shorts and drinking my beer. It was then that he asked me if my parents were out and I said they wouldn’t be back for ages, so he’d miss them. He then put his beer down and came over to me, and started running his hands over my chest and body. I did the same to him, and started feeling his cock through his shorts. I could feel it was hard and about to burst through his pants. Phil then put his hand down my shorts and felt my packet. Phil suggested we go indoors. I led him up to my bedroom, and Phil undressed me till I was completely naked. He then took his own kit off, revealing his nice muscular chest, arms and legs. Best of all though, his 8 inch cock sprang out of his pants. As I sat on the edge of the bed he approached and aimed his tool at my mouth and I took it in willingly, giving him a good suck. After that we fell into a 69 so he could suck my cock at the same time. He was a good sucker, obviously good at cock and cunt. I carried on sucking his big cock and licking his balls while he sucked me, eventually inserting a finger into my arsehole. This made me cum, and I shot my load, which surprisingly he swallowed, and licked up every drop. That was a cue for Phil to cum, and he did. What seemed like loads of spunk pumped out of his dick, and following his lead, I swallowed every last drop. But Phil wasn’t finished. He was a fit, healthy bloke, and he wanted to fuck. Being married I guess he was used to fucking, so asked me if I was up for taking his cock. I said yes. I shoved my arse in his face and he began eagerly rimming my hole and crack, putting a finger in and out of my hole, and sucking my balls. Without much further ado, he lubed up my hole slightly and entered me. I’m embarrassed to say I’m no anal virgin so it went in quite easily, and Phil fucked me on my hands and knees till he shot his second load of the day, with me at least, in my arse. After that he said he’d better be getting back, but we swapped numbers and have stayed in touch, meeting up once more since, but the first time was the best.