Written by H

9 Apr 2006

Having enjoyed giving oral to both men and women, some months ago I had a meeting with a man Jake who wanted to be wanked and sucked which I was willing to do and he was to do the say for me.

jake arrived at my place and it did'nt take long before we both had our jeans off and were wanking each other etc.

He asked if he could take some pics/video of the action which I did'nt mind.

The session continued and concluded with us both cumming at the same time into each others mouth Avery satisfing session, we went our seperate ways and I thought no more about it until the next day when Jake turned up at my place with a woman I invited them in to find that it was infact Jakes wife smartly dressed in a large coat as the weather was chilly I thought no more about it we had a drink and were chatting when Jo , Jakes wife said she was impressed by the job I had done on Jake he'd never cum like that before even with her and she wondered if she could watch for herself having already seen and been turned on by the pics and video in fact I'm quite wet even now just talking about it.

I was sat next to jake and she was on the otherside of him looking very relaxed I put down my drink and slowly unzipped Jakes jeans he was already hard and showing signs of pre-cum as I rubbbed up and down on his shaft I was watching Jo and she could not take her eyes off the scene this man wanking her husband there right in front of her she leaned over and kissed me with passion and tongue I could see she was really turned on she stood up and opened her coat to show she had no clothes on underneath her tits were swollen and her nipples hard she started to play with her tits saying I love to watch men wank themselves as she spread her legs and started rubbing her clit and slightly crouching she started to rock fucking her fingers as she did I love to see a women in action who knows haow to handle herself anf Jo did.

I was now really horny and could not resist Jo any longer I got up and removed Jo's coat while she carried on pumping her cunt and moaning touch me touch me now I took off my jeans to reveal my erection and started wanking right in front of her telling her howmuch I was enjoying wanking for her touch me she said again I could not refuse my hand went straight to her cunt her juices already running down her legs she crouched lower and opened her legs wider and grabbed her tits the nipples now so big as she feed one to me I smeared her juices allover her tits it tasted great I now had four fingers banging her cunt and my thumb rubbing her clit at the same time.Jake who had carried on pumping his shft let out a scream as his cum shot all on to my bum I said to Jo Wank me Wank me she reached down and grab my erection and began pumping it hard just as I like it we were both rocking our bodies in a fucking motion she ordered Jake to take me in his mouth he did right away while Jo turn to me and started kissing me hard and whispering bring me off now I need to orgasm Her orgasms had been cumming her legs wet with juice to prove it but she was looking for the BIG one I rammed her harder and she wanked hard telling Jake to take my cum in his mouth he had no choice my load came and filled his mouth and was running out Jo had been watching as I shot and erupted into one almighty orgasm reaching back to tits and squessing them hard the nipples red and hot from her attention I dropped to the floor in front of her to taste he juice and she opened her cunt and slowly rubbed herself in my face to finish with a smaller but no less satisfing orgasm.

She and me collapsed onto the couch kissing and still fondling Jake was just a heap on the floor.

Jo said after when Jake was out of the room that she had never cum like taht before and would I be available for one to one seesions in future. I sure am.